Thursday, August 1, 2013

Story of Meet, Part 4

Story of Meet (Part 4)

Now this is part 4 of Meet’s story.
Raaj and Meet seating there and Meet take her phone to call Priya, She want to tell this all thing to Priya. Suddenly Raaj to Meet : hey one min.
Meet: what happened?
Raaj: don’t talk Priya about our love, just tell her about just what happened with us in bus and all that.
Meet: but why?
Raaj: some day we give her a surprise.
Meet: not bad. Ok, J
Then Meet calls Priya, Priya at her home and she wonderment to see the call from Meet at this time because they are together at college just before hour. She picks up the call,
Priya: hi Meet,

Meet and Priya on phone call

Meet: hi, something want to tell you that when we me and raaj coming at our home in bus, some boys teased me and Raaj fight with them and during this fight Raaj injured in his hand. I am now at Raaj’s home.
Priya: oh my god. Give raaj a phone,
Meet: one min.
Then she gives a phone to Raaj.
Raaj: hey, reached at home?
Priya with so much tens:  first tell me how are you now? How much pain? How’s this all happened? Suddenly she tell that cut the phone I am coming there now.
She can’t bear that she is at her home when raaj injured because she loves him so much.
Raaj: hey, wait just be relax,
Call has been cut and Priya runs to her car and coming to Raaj’s home.
Raaj to Meet: she is mad, she is coming here now and not ready to listen anything.
Meet: oh my god, leave me she just coming in moment. (Because Raaj hugs her)
Raj leaves her and they seat in different chairs like good friend.

Priya comes in car to Raj's home

After some minutes, Priya reaches at Raaj’s home. She just like mad and with so much heavy tension about Raaj. Raaj and Meet sees at her continuously and watching her eagerness to know about that all happened. Then Raaj and Meet both are telling her all things what happened to them in detail and tells her that don’t worry now because all is fine now. Then she relaxed but some tears in her eyes. Raaj and Meet sees that, and then Raaj tells her that hey what happened? I am ok. Nothing much happened with me, it’s just normal injury. Meet sees continuously to Priya, suddenly priya can’t stay and hug to Raaj with crying. Meet see that and she just can’t understand that what this happening. Raaj also can’t understand and he looks at Meet, but at that time Meet going in to kitchen because she can’t see that. Then Raaj trying to leave himself from Priya then Priya realize that she hug to Raaj. Actually she loves him so much so she couldn’t control herself to hug him because she can’t see injury of Raaj’s hand. Then she takes seat in front of Raaj’ chair. After some time Meet comes from kitchen with cold drinks. Priya shocked that how Meet can know all about Raaj’s kitchen and how she can bring cold drinks from his kitchen. She doubts on Meet that is she coming daily here? But she doesn’t tell anything now and just take cold drink. They seats together for some time and then Priya tells to them that now she has to go to home. Raaj and Meet tells that ok fine. We meet tomorrow at college. Priya says ok bye take care. Raaj and Meet: bye take care you too J

After gone of Priya what happened between Raaj and Meet telling you in next 5th part J