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Story of Meet, Part 6

Story of Meet, Part 6

One day Raaj not comes at college, Meet and Priya both are seating in campus. They talking about Raaj, in the talking priya says that she loves Raaj so much. She can't live without him. Meet seeing her with amazement. Meet doesn't understand what she is telling. Meet can't tell priya that she also love him and raaj also love me. She just listening and after some time she just leaving that place and going to home. She is so much confused that what to do now. She called to Raaj: 
Meet: priya told me that she is in love with you.  
Raaj: what? are you serious or doing joke?
Meet: I am damn serious idiot.
Raaj: one minute let me talk with her. 
Meet: ok,
then Raaj calling to Priya and ask her that is she loves him? Priya doesn't understand that why Raaj suddenly asking this question? She has no dare to tell Raaj that yes I am., So she saying that no dear, who told you that I am in love with you.? 
Raaj : Meet told me that you love me a lot. 
Priya: oh, no no. that was a joke part. I am just kidding with her. 
Raaj: are you sure?
Priya: yes dear. 
then Raaj calling back to Meet and telling her that priya was kidding with you.
Meet: I can't believe. I saw loves for your in her eyes. that's a true love. She loves you a lot, I can easily read her eyes. 
Raaj: no dear, She told me just before a minute that she was kidding with you, believe me she is not love me.
After some debate, Meet accept knowingly that whatever leave it now. 
Meet comes home and laying at bed. She has no any idea what to do now. She just thinking about priya's tell. Today night she can't take dinner and she can't sleep well. Now this is very serious matter for her and for her love Raaj. 
Next day morning Raaj comes at her room and she ring the door bell. After so many time Meet comes and open the door. Raaj asked her: What you doing? why you open door so late?
Meet: I was sleeping. 
Raaj: what! are sleeping yet? don't you want to come college?
Meet: No, I don't want to come college. 
Raaj : Why? what happened? Are you ok?
Meet: yes, I am ok, but i don't want to come, feeling some laziness. 
Raaj : ok, So I also don't go to college without you. 
Meet: why.? you must go to college. 
Raaj: no way. You just sleep on bed and today I will take care of you. 
Meet: No, thanks. I can. You just go dear. 
Raaj: no way.. Today I am not going to college its final. 
Meet: look dear. I want to stay alone today, you please go to college. 
Raaj: what? do you want to stay alone? 
Meet: yes.
Raaj: What? ok(he become so sad)

sad raaj leaving room

Now Raaj going to out side with sad face. Meet sees that he leaves with angry face. Meet hold his hand and stop him to walk. Raaj turns with angry look. Meet smiles at him and say sorry and she hugs him tightly. Meet telling him to stay with her at home. Raaj smile and says ok.. This day Raaj and Meet does lot of enjoy at Meet's room. Raaj doing some funny things, funny dance to make Meet happy. after some time Raaj phone ringing but his phone on vibrate mode so he can't pick up phone. Priya trying to call Raaj and Then she try to call Meet's phone but Meet's phone also in vibrate mode so Meet also can't pick up call. Priya doing lots of try but both of them doesn't pick up the call as they are in their happiness. Here Priya worrying about them why they are not yet came to college and why they not picked up call also. She can't bear that and start her car and going fast to Meet and Raaj's street. First room is Meet's room in the street so priya stop the car as she see the half opened door of Meet's room. She come out from car and reach at door. She seeing that Raaj and Meet doing lots of fun with each other and they hugs and kisses and doing some little romance. Priya stops there and just seeing continuously and she just doesn't understand what's the happening there. She doesn't tell them and she return to her home. Now she knew that why Meet suddenly walked away whey she share about Raaj with her. Now Priya knew that Raaj and Meet loves so much each other. Priya can't stop her tear from her eyes. she just laying down on bed in her room and locked door inside. At evening her mother knock the door to call priya for dinner but she doesn't want to take dinner. She just crying crying and lots of crying and sleeps as it is. Next Day morning she finalize that this is the last year of college so just concentrate in study, she promise her self that she never let know to Raaj that she really loves him, she decided to stay with him as best friend. she getting ready fast and going to the college and Raaj and Meet also there. Now Priya just trying to hide her love for Raaj. They enjoying as best friends together. 

This is the part 6 of Meet's story. read more on part 7.. :)

Shakti's Tour of Kashmir

Shakti's Tour of Kashmir

Rima Travels arranged a tour of Kashmir for all citizens. They advertised in news papers and tv channels for this tour, in just 5 days this tour was booked fully. Shakti was an organizer of that tour. He was so happy for this that all seats booked in just 5 days.
Kashmir is very beautiful state of India, Its call heaven on earth. It is also popular for terrorist attacks as popular as its beauty. Everybody want to visit Kashmir but all are afraid because of this terrorist attacks. Shakti also excited for this tour.

Kashmir Tour

At the day when this tour was gone, everybody ready to go Kashmir. Shakti checked all passengers according to the booked list. Finally they picked up to the Kashmir with God name. Bus was going fast and after some time stopped when reached at first Holt. Everybody came out of the bus for to be fresh, Shakti was in bus and he was waiting for last passenger to be come out. This last passenger was young girl, but her face not shown her hair laid down on her whole face because she trying to get rid of something from her bag. Shakti told her to do fast but she is listening anything, then shakti came to her for help. Then she turned her face and Shakti just continuously looking at her because she was so beautiful girl, girl told him to help not look at her then shakti help her and then they gone out from bus. At holt Shakti still looking at her, then after some time they picked up from there to Kashmir. There are lots of troubles in they faced during the way to Kashmir.
Finally they reached at Kashmir and starting to enjoy there and living in tent, there was a so much cold at that time. One night they all seating together and singing songs and dancing. Shakti was watching that girl. She was dancing so nicely. Suddenly 3 terrorist came there and fire so all afraid so much and trying to leave their place but terrorist were all side and starting to fire in sky. Shakti try to fight with them but the terrorist beat him and show him a gun so shakti surrendered him. Then Terrorist saw that girl and trying to hold her hand and hug her, the girl shouting and ask to help but nobody could help her, for some time she shouting continuously and the terrorist trying to rape her but shakti couldn’t see that and he added up all his power and beat the terrorist who hold him, then Shakti took the gun of that terrorist and put that gun on terrorist’s head and tell him to leave that girl either I shoot you. So that terrorist leave that girl and when shakti turn at the girl the terrorist took the gun from shakti’s hand and starting to beat shakti. After some beaten up, shakti now became so much angry and he just starting to beat that all terrorists like movie. They all 3 terrorist couldn’t beat shakti but Shakti alone beat them all. When shakti was beating them at same time police came there and arrested all the 3 terrorist. Police thanked to shakti and promise to give him a bravery medal by PM. All tourist of Shakti’s tour and others which was came from other place prides on shakti’s bravery. That girl came to shakti and personally thanked him. Shakti replied him with smile. Girl also smile him and tell her name is Sheetal.
After one day they all returned to their city and this time shakti and that girl are fall in love with each other, and they had lots of fun during came to city.
This is the small and imagine story. I hope you like  J

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Story of Meet, Part 5

Story of Meet (Part 5)

5th part of the Story of Meet
As Priya gone from Raaj’s house, Meet angry on Raaj and asks him that what was that? Why she hugged you? Why? Raaj tells her that how can I tell you even I am also shocked. I also don’t know why she hugged me. I think as friend she cant see me in this injury that’s why as a friend she hugged me. What you think?
Meet: I don’t know, I just know that I didn’t like that. Now I can’t bear that some girl hug you or touch you, be careful from now.
Raaj: don’t worry dear, I never hurt you, she is our friend and from now I will not touch her, ok?
Meet: ok,
Raaj hug her and tell: hmm now please smile for me J
Meet smiles and hug him tightly. Now Raaj tells her to go home but she still want to stay with him and can’t leave him alone. Then Raaj tells her forcefully and tell her that it’s not good to stay here for long time as all neighbors are outside. Then Meet going to her room. In her Room she continuously thinking about Priya that why she hug him, here Priya also reached at her home and she lying in her bed and she thinking about Meet that how she knows about Raaj’s kitchen. But this is just for a moment then they both are thinking about Raaj. Just see Raaj by closing their eyes. Here Raaj thinking about Meet. He sees Meet by closing eyes.  All they are thinking about their love.  But in real Priya till not know about Raaj and Meet, so she continues to love Raaj.  

Love triangle between Raaj, Meet and Priya

Next day morning, Raaj sleeping as he has some pains his hand. Meet thinks that why Raaj is not till came to go for college even it’s 10 o’clock. Then she called him but Raaj now responding so she came at his home. Here Raaj sleeps and suddenly door bell rings. Raaj awake and open the door with weakness. Meet come inside and ask Raaj why he is still sleeping? Then Raaj tells that he is not feeling well. Meet worrying about him and she makes hot tea for him and ask him to go to doctor, but Raaj doesn’t want to go to doctor because its not much illness. After drunk tea made by Meet, he hugs her and tell her that wow what a magic in your hand dear, I am completely fine now.
Meet: are you sure?
Raaj: yes 100% J
Meet: then go to bathroom and get ready in 5 min because we already late.
Raaj: of course J
Raaj gone bathroom for take bath, at that time Meet select pant and shirt of her choice for Raaj. Raaj come out and see the one pair of clothes ready to wear on bed. He is being so happy. And now they are ready to go to college. As they reached at college, Priya already waits for them in canteen. They take some snakes and decided to go watch movie because today is no needed lecture so. They are going to watch movie in Priya’s car. Raaj seat in front seat beside of Priya, Priya is driving the car and Meet seats in rear side. Raaj and Priya talking so much so Meet doesn’t speak anything because she so jealous now. Then they go in the theater and booked 3 tickets. Raaj seats between Meet and Priya. Priya still talking with Raaj continuously and here Meet trying to speak with Raaj but Priya doesn’t give her a chance to speak her. Today Meet again become so angry on Raaj and tell him why he so much talking to her not with me? Raaj tells her that what I do if she starting to speak with me how can I ignore her as she is our best friend. Meet doing soft fight today with Raaj and Raaj trying to convince her. But next day all is fine because they love each other so much, J
Here is the end of Part 5. Read more in 6th part. J

Story of Meet, Part 4

Story of Meet (Part 4)

Now this is part 4 of Meet’s story.
Raaj and Meet seating there and Meet take her phone to call Priya, She want to tell this all thing to Priya. Suddenly Raaj to Meet : hey one min.
Meet: what happened?
Raaj: don’t talk Priya about our love, just tell her about just what happened with us in bus and all that.
Meet: but why?
Raaj: some day we give her a surprise.
Meet: not bad. Ok, J
Then Meet calls Priya, Priya at her home and she wonderment to see the call from Meet at this time because they are together at college just before hour. She picks up the call,
Priya: hi Meet,

Meet and Priya on phone call

Meet: hi, something want to tell you that when we me and raaj coming at our home in bus, some boys teased me and Raaj fight with them and during this fight Raaj injured in his hand. I am now at Raaj’s home.
Priya: oh my god. Give raaj a phone,
Meet: one min.
Then she gives a phone to Raaj.
Raaj: hey, reached at home?
Priya with so much tens:  first tell me how are you now? How much pain? How’s this all happened? Suddenly she tell that cut the phone I am coming there now.
She can’t bear that she is at her home when raaj injured because she loves him so much.
Raaj: hey, wait just be relax,
Call has been cut and Priya runs to her car and coming to Raaj’s home.
Raaj to Meet: she is mad, she is coming here now and not ready to listen anything.
Meet: oh my god, leave me she just coming in moment. (Because Raaj hugs her)
Raj leaves her and they seat in different chairs like good friend.

Priya comes in car to Raj's home

After some minutes, Priya reaches at Raaj’s home. She just like mad and with so much heavy tension about Raaj. Raaj and Meet sees at her continuously and watching her eagerness to know about that all happened. Then Raaj and Meet both are telling her all things what happened to them in detail and tells her that don’t worry now because all is fine now. Then she relaxed but some tears in her eyes. Raaj and Meet sees that, and then Raaj tells her that hey what happened? I am ok. Nothing much happened with me, it’s just normal injury. Meet sees continuously to Priya, suddenly priya can’t stay and hug to Raaj with crying. Meet see that and she just can’t understand that what this happening. Raaj also can’t understand and he looks at Meet, but at that time Meet going in to kitchen because she can’t see that. Then Raaj trying to leave himself from Priya then Priya realize that she hug to Raaj. Actually she loves him so much so she couldn’t control herself to hug him because she can’t see injury of Raaj’s hand. Then she takes seat in front of Raaj’ chair. After some time Meet comes from kitchen with cold drinks. Priya shocked that how Meet can know all about Raaj’s kitchen and how she can bring cold drinks from his kitchen. She doubts on Meet that is she coming daily here? But she doesn’t tell anything now and just take cold drink. They seats together for some time and then Priya tells to them that now she has to go to home. Raaj and Meet tells that ok fine. We meet tomorrow at college. Priya says ok bye take care. Raaj and Meet: bye take care you too J

After gone of Priya what happened between Raaj and Meet telling you in next 5th part J

Story of Meet, Part 3

Story of Meet (Part 3)

Now we starting the 3rd part of Story of Meet. 
Meet, Raaj and Priya became best friends now. They enjoy their life in Mumbai and college. Have all time lots of fun daily in college campus. Sometimes fights, sometimes fun, sometimes helps to others, sometimes participate in college function. They are rocking student of college. During this time Meet and Priya both fall in love with Raaj but both of them can't tell him. 

Meet loves Raaj

One day Meet and Raaj coming to home from college in Bus as regular. There is so much traffic in Bus. Whole bus full filled with people mostly with boys. There are just a few girls in bus. Meet is looking nice so 3 bad boys’ looks at her. Meet seeing that they are looking to her and smiles to her. Meet turns her face away from them and started to talk with Raaj. After some time she again see at that side, that bad boys still watching at her and smiling and trying to come near her. After one stop some passengers go out from bus and there are some space in bus so that bad boys comes near Meet and standing just behind her. One of them touches Meet's hand and second touch Meet's abdomen from behind. Meet see at them with angry face. They starting to tease now then Raaj suddenly turn behind and see that some bad boys teasing Meet. Raat tells that bad boys to stop that. But they tease more and more instead of stop. Then Raaj comes between them and Meet goes front side of Raaj. Then they bad boys also want to go front of Raaj to tease Meet, but Raaj stops them so they start to fight with Raaj, and now Raaj becomes so angry because they tease his best friend Meet so Raaj start to beat them. Now Meet heartily feels so much secured with Raaj. One by one Raaj beats all and then he ask to stop bus and get rid of them from bus. During the fight Raaj injured and Meet can't see that. Meet having so much tens for Raaj and asking to go to Doctor so Raaj and Meet going to doctor. Meet taking so much care of Raaj then they coming to home and Meet come at Raaj's room to take care of him with him. Then Raaj tells her to go her room and take some rest but Meet not ready to go. She just want to stay there with him. Now meet making something to eat for Raaj with lots of fun. When she is making food in kitchen and when she suddenly turn back she afraid because Raaj standing exact behind her. So she just shy and tell him that why you stand here like this. Raaj hold her hands and with very cutely and emotionally watching in her eyes and telling that “Will you marry me?” Meet shocked for a while, she can’t understand what to give answer to him. After some quiet she replied so sweetly with beautiful smile “Yes”.
Raaj becomes so happy and hug her full tightly. He can’t explain his happiness to her. Same with Meet, She also become so much happy, She already fall in love with him before so many times but she can’t tell him, and today she is not expected this from Raaj because she also didn’t know that Raaj also loves her before so many times but he also can’t say her. Then Raaj tells Meet,
Do you know? From so many days I love you a lot. I can’t live without you but couldn’t tell you till now, but today you cared me so nicely then I can’t control myself and felt that you are perfect for me, you always care me a lot like today so I can’t control and proposed you.
Meet : wow, You know, even I also love you so much from our first day in college. But I also couldn’t tell you. Today I wanted to tell you when we was in hospital but couldn’t tell you. Today when you fight with those bad boys I feel so much secure with you. I felt like someone of mine fighting for me. I love you so much dear.
Raaj hug her and tell: I love you too so much.

This is the starting of Raaj and Meet’s love story and ending of our 3rd part. More in part 4. Thank you for reading J

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Story of Meet, Part 2

Story of Meet (Part 2)

Next day morning Raaj going to college, He is standing at the bus stop. At that time Meet also come there to pick up the bus for going college. Raaj see her and says hi good morning to her,
She reply : Hey Very good morning. Which college you going.?
Raaj : Kr. Medical college. You?
Meet : Ohh god , I am also there, What a lovely coincidence in our life dear. Whenever we meet we got shocking coincidence, lol.
Raaj: yes you are absolutely right. We have to be a best friend now.
Meet: sure J


Then bus come and they both going in the bus, but in the bus there are no any blank seat to seat them. They standing between seats gap. 1 stop came and one passenger leaves his seat and walk away so Raaj says meet to seat there. Meet seat there and feels so caring. Then Meet shrinks herself in the seat and make some space for Raaj and tell him to seat here. Raaj seat there and going to college. Now after some minutes Bus stops at the bus stop near college. They come out from bus and start go ahead of college. When they reach at college they see the very big gate with stone which have never seen by them in their whole life. They are so exciting to go inside of college. All girls and boys are there with new their own style. They entering in to the college. This is first day in college for both of them. They are excited with nervousness. As they entered in gate of college they see some senior students are sitting on bikes. They see these Meet and Raaj entering in college So they thinking to ragging of Meet and Raaj. They call them to come near. Raaj and Meet go there and there are no any idea about ragging in mind of this both. Raaj and Meet thinks that they just want to ask something. As Raaj and Meet reached to them they start to shout on them with calling Miya bivi aaye, Miya bivi aaye.. Raaj and Meet get so much angry and they tell them to stop this and we are not Miya bivi. But they are not stopping this. So Raaj got so much angry and going to fight them and trying to stop them, Meet stop Raaj to fight with them as they are bad students. During this, One beautiful charmed sexy hot daring dashing girl with named Priya coming in the college and seeing that some bad students teasing and ragging to someone. Priya comes near there and see Raaj. As She see Raaj, She just looking to him, And she likes him so much. Priya is one of the best student of the college. And also she is daring and no one can tease or ragging her. So Priya stops that bad guys tell them to leave these Raaj and Meet. Now they bad guys going away then Raaj see this beautiful Priya continuously and Meet seeing to Raaj as he seeing Priya like she being jealous. Then Raaj says to Priya : Thank you so much. J
Meet also : Hey really thank you so much. J
Priya : Hi, its ok don’t be thanks. I m priya, you.?
Raaj: I am Raaj and this is Meet my friend, we are both from one city and coincidently we met at train when we came here.
Priya: wow, nice coincidence,. J by the way can we be friend?
Raaj: of course.. J
Priya shakes hand with Raaj andMeet but Meet seems like unhappy to be friend with her. They are going in to the class. Priya make seat for Raaj and Meet near her. They all seat there for studying…. This way their life is going good and day by day their friendship going to be so strong. They are become requirement for each other. Everywhere they going all together for enjoying, partying also in any kind of college function.

This is the second part of this story. Now we continue in our 3rd part. Enjoy J

Friday, July 26, 2013

Story of Meet, Part 1

Story of Meet…. (part 1)

One day 5.30 pm, as usual train ready to go for Mumbai at Railway station. This train is running between this city to Mumbai. Trail starting to go ahead to Mumbai. Chuk chuk chuk chuk with this kind of voice of its engine. Slowly slowly the train getting speed. All passengers quickly going in to train and getting their seats. Some passengers are at door of the room, Suddenly all people who stand on door of no. 5 hear a voice like “stop, stop the train, stop please, please somebody stop the train etc”, One boy stands at the beginning of the door and he hear that voice and looking at that direction from where that voice is coming. Suddenly he sees a beautiful girls running to catch the train to enter in no.5 to go for Mumbai. This boy shouts her come on hurry up hurry up,, fast. Come on take my hand, come on. Boy trying to help her by giving his hand to the girl so she can catch the train. After some effort and running fast finally that girl took hold his hand and go in the train.

meet story part while in train

In the train that girls stands for while quietly and she breaths fast like train. After some time when she feels better, she smile and speak,
Girl: Hi, Thank you so much.
Boy: Its ok, Want some water..?
Girl: No thanks, I have.  Btw my name is Meet, What is your name?
Boy:  I m Raaj, Where are you going?
Girl: of course Mumbai for studying in Medical College.
Boy: great I m also Going there for Medical College.
This girl is very innocent, pure hearted, much talker, beautiful, clever in study. She talks whole night till the train reached at Mumbai and a boy just smiling and giving answer her.
At morning 8.30 am Train reached  Mumbai and stop at borrivali station, Meet and Raaj both come out of the station and Raaj asking to girl: Where exactly you going..?
Girl: Minaar street, You?
Boy: I am also going there, wow great another coincidence. Superb dear. I think our friendship going to live long. Lol
Girl: Yes right. Hey come lets going in one taxi, what you say?
Boy: Of course, why not?
This boy is very handsome tall smart with good nature. He is such a very nice person. They both can freely make trust on each other, both are very Good person. That’s why they are like to go their Street in Mumbai with each other. Both are from one city is good for them in unknown city Mumbai.
Finally they reached at Minaar Street. They took their luggage and start to walk for going ahead in the street and finding their room.   After walking some distance Girl found her room before the boy and show her room to raaj and saying thanks and telling him if he wants to come at her room to rest for while, Raaj replied : No thanks, We will meet later my Room also should just after 2 or 3 rooms.  girl tell him to come with him for help him to find the room. Boy tell her that don’t worry I will find, you go to the room and take some rest. Then Meet gives him her mobile number and asks his mobile number. Raaj give her a number and walk away to find his room, after 3 rooms from Meet’s room he finds his room. He going inside the room and put bags and sleep on bed. Here Meet also sleep on bed because both are so much tired during long journey.
Now from next day they start their life in Mumbai with study of medical. This part of the story ends here, to read more about this story kindly go to the part 2.