Monday, July 29, 2013

Story of Meet, Part 2

Story of Meet (Part 2)

Next day morning Raaj going to college, He is standing at the bus stop. At that time Meet also come there to pick up the bus for going college. Raaj see her and says hi good morning to her,
She reply : Hey Very good morning. Which college you going.?
Raaj : Kr. Medical college. You?
Meet : Ohh god , I am also there, What a lovely coincidence in our life dear. Whenever we meet we got shocking coincidence, lol.
Raaj: yes you are absolutely right. We have to be a best friend now.
Meet: sure J


Then bus come and they both going in the bus, but in the bus there are no any blank seat to seat them. They standing between seats gap. 1 stop came and one passenger leaves his seat and walk away so Raaj says meet to seat there. Meet seat there and feels so caring. Then Meet shrinks herself in the seat and make some space for Raaj and tell him to seat here. Raaj seat there and going to college. Now after some minutes Bus stops at the bus stop near college. They come out from bus and start go ahead of college. When they reach at college they see the very big gate with stone which have never seen by them in their whole life. They are so exciting to go inside of college. All girls and boys are there with new their own style. They entering in to the college. This is first day in college for both of them. They are excited with nervousness. As they entered in gate of college they see some senior students are sitting on bikes. They see these Meet and Raaj entering in college So they thinking to ragging of Meet and Raaj. They call them to come near. Raaj and Meet go there and there are no any idea about ragging in mind of this both. Raaj and Meet thinks that they just want to ask something. As Raaj and Meet reached to them they start to shout on them with calling Miya bivi aaye, Miya bivi aaye.. Raaj and Meet get so much angry and they tell them to stop this and we are not Miya bivi. But they are not stopping this. So Raaj got so much angry and going to fight them and trying to stop them, Meet stop Raaj to fight with them as they are bad students. During this, One beautiful charmed sexy hot daring dashing girl with named Priya coming in the college and seeing that some bad students teasing and ragging to someone. Priya comes near there and see Raaj. As She see Raaj, She just looking to him, And she likes him so much. Priya is one of the best student of the college. And also she is daring and no one can tease or ragging her. So Priya stops that bad guys tell them to leave these Raaj and Meet. Now they bad guys going away then Raaj see this beautiful Priya continuously and Meet seeing to Raaj as he seeing Priya like she being jealous. Then Raaj says to Priya : Thank you so much. J
Meet also : Hey really thank you so much. J
Priya : Hi, its ok don’t be thanks. I m priya, you.?
Raaj: I am Raaj and this is Meet my friend, we are both from one city and coincidently we met at train when we came here.
Priya: wow, nice coincidence,. J by the way can we be friend?
Raaj: of course.. J
Priya shakes hand with Raaj andMeet but Meet seems like unhappy to be friend with her. They are going in to the class. Priya make seat for Raaj and Meet near her. They all seat there for studying…. This way their life is going good and day by day their friendship going to be so strong. They are become requirement for each other. Everywhere they going all together for enjoying, partying also in any kind of college function.

This is the second part of this story. Now we continue in our 3rd part. Enjoy J