Monday, July 29, 2013

Story of Meet, Part 2

Story of Meet (Part 2)

Next day morning Raaj going to college, He is standing at the bus stop. At that time Meet also come there to pick up the bus for going college. Raaj see her and says hi good morning to her,
She reply : Hey Very good morning. Which college you going.?
Raaj : Kr. Medical college. You?
Meet : Ohh god , I am also there, What a lovely coincidence in our life dear. Whenever we meet we got shocking coincidence, lol.
Raaj: yes you are absolutely right. We have to be a best friend now.
Meet: sure J


Then bus come and they both going in the bus, but in the bus there are no any blank seat to seat them. They standing between seats gap. 1 stop came and one passenger leaves his seat and walk away so Raaj says meet to seat there. Meet seat there and feels so caring. Then Meet shrinks herself in the seat and make some space for Raaj and tell him to seat here. Raaj seat there and going to college. Now after some minutes Bus stops at the bus stop near college. They come out from bus and start go ahead of college. When they reach at college they see the very big gate with stone which have never seen by them in their whole life. They are so exciting to go inside of college. All girls and boys are there with new their own style. They entering in to the college. This is first day in college for both of them. They are excited with nervousness. As they entered in gate of college they see some senior students are sitting on bikes. They see these Meet and Raaj entering in college So they thinking to ragging of Meet and Raaj. They call them to come near. Raaj and Meet go there and there are no any idea about ragging in mind of this both. Raaj and Meet thinks that they just want to ask something. As Raaj and Meet reached to them they start to shout on them with calling Miya bivi aaye, Miya bivi aaye.. Raaj and Meet get so much angry and they tell them to stop this and we are not Miya bivi. But they are not stopping this. So Raaj got so much angry and going to fight them and trying to stop them, Meet stop Raaj to fight with them as they are bad students. During this, One beautiful charmed sexy hot daring dashing girl with named Priya coming in the college and seeing that some bad students teasing and ragging to someone. Priya comes near there and see Raaj. As She see Raaj, She just looking to him, And she likes him so much. Priya is one of the best student of the college. And also she is daring and no one can tease or ragging her. So Priya stops that bad guys tell them to leave these Raaj and Meet. Now they bad guys going away then Raaj see this beautiful Priya continuously and Meet seeing to Raaj as he seeing Priya like she being jealous. Then Raaj says to Priya : Thank you so much. J
Meet also : Hey really thank you so much. J
Priya : Hi, its ok don’t be thanks. I m priya, you.?
Raaj: I am Raaj and this is Meet my friend, we are both from one city and coincidently we met at train when we came here.
Priya: wow, nice coincidence,. J by the way can we be friend?
Raaj: of course.. J
Priya shakes hand with Raaj andMeet but Meet seems like unhappy to be friend with her. They are going in to the class. Priya make seat for Raaj and Meet near her. They all seat there for studying…. This way their life is going good and day by day their friendship going to be so strong. They are become requirement for each other. Everywhere they going all together for enjoying, partying also in any kind of college function.

This is the second part of this story. Now we continue in our 3rd part. Enjoy J

Friday, July 26, 2013

Story of Meet, Part 1

Story of Meet…. (part 1)

One day 5.30 pm, as usual train ready to go for Mumbai at Railway station. This train is running between this city to Mumbai. Trail starting to go ahead to Mumbai. Chuk chuk chuk chuk with this kind of voice of its engine. Slowly slowly the train getting speed. All passengers quickly going in to train and getting their seats. Some passengers are at door of the room, Suddenly all people who stand on door of no. 5 hear a voice like “stop, stop the train, stop please, please somebody stop the train etc”, One boy stands at the beginning of the door and he hear that voice and looking at that direction from where that voice is coming. Suddenly he sees a beautiful girls running to catch the train to enter in no.5 to go for Mumbai. This boy shouts her come on hurry up hurry up,, fast. Come on take my hand, come on. Boy trying to help her by giving his hand to the girl so she can catch the train. After some effort and running fast finally that girl took hold his hand and go in the train.

meet story part while in train

In the train that girls stands for while quietly and she breaths fast like train. After some time when she feels better, she smile and speak,
Girl: Hi, Thank you so much.
Boy: Its ok, Want some water..?
Girl: No thanks, I have.  Btw my name is Meet, What is your name?
Boy:  I m Raaj, Where are you going?
Girl: of course Mumbai for studying in Medical College.
Boy: great I m also Going there for Medical College.
This girl is very innocent, pure hearted, much talker, beautiful, clever in study. She talks whole night till the train reached at Mumbai and a boy just smiling and giving answer her.
At morning 8.30 am Train reached  Mumbai and stop at borrivali station, Meet and Raaj both come out of the station and Raaj asking to girl: Where exactly you going..?
Girl: Minaar street, You?
Boy: I am also going there, wow great another coincidence. Superb dear. I think our friendship going to live long. Lol
Girl: Yes right. Hey come lets going in one taxi, what you say?
Boy: Of course, why not?
This boy is very handsome tall smart with good nature. He is such a very nice person. They both can freely make trust on each other, both are very Good person. That’s why they are like to go their Street in Mumbai with each other. Both are from one city is good for them in unknown city Mumbai.
Finally they reached at Minaar Street. They took their luggage and start to walk for going ahead in the street and finding their room.   After walking some distance Girl found her room before the boy and show her room to raaj and saying thanks and telling him if he wants to come at her room to rest for while, Raaj replied : No thanks, We will meet later my Room also should just after 2 or 3 rooms.  girl tell him to come with him for help him to find the room. Boy tell her that don’t worry I will find, you go to the room and take some rest. Then Meet gives him her mobile number and asks his mobile number. Raaj give her a number and walk away to find his room, after 3 rooms from Meet’s room he finds his room. He going inside the room and put bags and sleep on bed. Here Meet also sleep on bed because both are so much tired during long journey.
Now from next day they start their life in Mumbai with study of medical. This part of the story ends here, to read more about this story kindly go to the part 2.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Part of My Life (stock market office)

Part of My Life

I started my stock market office in 2008. Actually before those days at that time I was in diamond market and doing a buy sell of rough diamonds. At that time stock market going so far, SENSEX makes daily new high. My friend had a stock account in IBULL securities. He involved in this business from many years. I didn't know how to do that business and always asked him to teach me how to trade there etc so he guided me. Then I also started to buy stocks slowly slowly and sell if there was a profit in it. There was a so many offices of stock market in diamond market. I opened my stock account in one of the best office of them and starting to going there daily in market time and doing a buy sell of stocks. In rest time i was see the operator that how he traded of stocks in computer and trying to learn that. from the starting I have a lot of interest in computer but i didn't complete my study so i couldn't learn computer. I know to operate computer a little bit as how to start and shut down and how to mail in yahoo, nothing more. So i daily gone that office and see what the operator do and trying to learn my self. Then one day I met my that friend and ask him what should i do if i want to open that kind of stock market office..? He replied that don't know in details but i think have to take franchise of good big stock market office. He asked me that why are you asking me.? So I replied him that I want to open stock market office but don't know about stocks in detail so i asked you so he also interested in it and i felt that he also have interest to open that kind of office. 

stock market

After some day he met me and told me that my relative had main franchise of our city if you would like to meet him. then i replied him that ok I will but would you like to be my partner in this office..? then he replied me that i will give you answer tomorrow. Next day he met me and told me that he is ready to my partner in this office and asked me that do you know computer.? I replied him with full of confidence that yes i know very how to operate computer, lol. (Actually i didn't know hahhaahaha) but don't know about stock market then he calmly replied that don't worry about it i will handle it. So finally we decided to open office in partnership and then we started to find good office location and and then met his relative to know full detail about to opening this office. his relative gave me a form to fill up for franchise and told us that attach the id proof and address proof copy of which name you want to take the franchise office. So My friend told me that I want to open this office for my brother so we take this franchise with his name and give the all proofs with his name, then i replied ok no problem. Then we took franchise and booked one office on rent and bought one computer and TV and some chairs for seat. now have to see about operating a computer, I didn't know to operating computer i just told him that i know, hahahhaaha. and that was about to trade in stock market, that's definitely i didn't know. Then we decided on which date we start our office. and we decided 14th jan 2008 as opening date of our office. We have 5 client for trading on opening day. only one traded on opening day from them. I saw in that trading software there were no difficult to trade. after some day I traded speedy as master trader, I got superb speed. Whenever I trade all are looking to my hand. After that I learnt lot of my self about computer by surfing internet everyday. After one month our office fulled fill with clients for trading there. We have a golden days at that time. I was not being free at market time for a second. Must i have to do that because my partner (my friend's brother) don't know anything about computer and stock market. He can't give single answer of phone calls so that is also i had to do. He just gone to banks and main office for cheques and new forms. After 2 years I really irritate from him because till he don't know anything. then i bored at that office and now clients also not coming there, they came just for enjoying and watching TV. huh, Whenever it was Cricket match they all come there and watching Tv and change the Channels them self and I just hate that. then i decided to quit that office. and we close that office. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mh's life story part 2

In part one i told about both of us, but now in part 2 i telling about my hubby Mr. MH,

Mh is so Innocent, pure heart, good nature, handsome and lovely, its less whatever i told about him. Sometimes he asking questions so innocently and I have to think that what answer should i give him., lol. but now its being habit of his questions.  whenever he feels jealousy for me i like it so much because at that time i can see on his face on his body that he loves me a lot. he likes blue color so much and he love the vada paav. he is crazy for spicy food. I feel so secure whenever with him.

vada paav

I never forgot Amreli and Ahmedabad in my life, That 2 days I am with him for whole day without any fear. I feel that i got whole happiness of this world whenever with him. He always told me that he cant speak so much with others but whenever he is with me he dont give me chance to speak. he always win in our silly fight. but that is true that our most fight because of me because I am not telling him reason about my aggrieved. hahahaha

He can't study after 12th coz of some personal reason but till he has a lot computer talent without any degree or course, but we both don't know how to use it. he has a lot of confidence but in his mind some kind of fear that he has not confidence that's why he cant speak with others. he is so emotional, so he cant do bad to others because he always think about others emotion and pain and every body use his this nature.

Now i understand him so much so now i can understand the whole tale what he want to tell me if he do not complete it. and I am so happy for that. He always see big dreams and he always keep me with him in his dreams that is I like to so much. at that time I can imagine that he cant think for a second without me. I always pray to god that all his dreams come true, All he can get what he want in his life, may god bless him and he always be happy. Mh can do what he want i noticed it so many times that's why i trust him that he can full fill his all dreams, and always will take care of his family.

He like to eat all dishes so much which is made from paav, and idali, dhosa also. he also like to wear branded clothes. he always take care of me so nicely and always supporting me. He is my life which i dont want to share with any others.

I dont like about him one thing that from some day he started to think negative. whenever something wrong happened to him he always blame on himself and always feel guilty him self for that. i dont like it. and also dont like when he is not treat what i tell him.

He take so much tension in little silly things, I feel that he take my all tension and giving me just love a lot. I like all things about him but one special is that whenever we fight then i go to his office and when he so me and he smile me so sweetly that is i like so much and i want to see that smile on his face for whole life. He is GURU of sex, and he has so much interest in sex  and i always afraid of it that what will happened after marriage, hahahaha because i dont have interest in sex as many as he has. Just Joking,,, :) :P :P

whenever he gone outside alone at that time I feel that he is so far away from me, so now i cant bear little distance. Some time afraid that i cant live without him so what happened next..? perhaps our love may always enlarge not decrease. He told me so many times he want to go out of country after marriage at that time i m so afraid that can i go to far to leave my family. 

Now i have to stop to write about him, but last i want to tell that he is looking so nice when he wear a gogals with shaved face. 

:) :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mh's Life Story part 1

My name is MP. Today I m going to tell you story about me and my jaan MH. 

MH, my life, my jaan, What I tell about MH..?!!! Less for me whatever I tell about him. I am starting from that I am living today just for him, yes that's the true. Got a beautiful collaboration of him which I never want to loose also never want to think to go away from him, now just only one hope that my entire life and my death both are want to with him.

We Met on facebook, 29th September 2012 on morning I opened my FB account, after some time i got a friend request from him, Shahid Kapoor's photos as his profile pic such a wonderful pic, I accepted his friend request instantly without checking any kind of details about him.

Truth is that, that those days are my most bad days in my life, I was gone away from my life, want to forgot all my heart pain of my life, Always my all friends gave me betrayal dont know why but that's the truth of my life. Whenever i trusted on someone I always got betrayal from them, coz of these kind of trouble and another some pains, I was so upset and want to lost my life to forgot all this. But from when i stated to use FB i think forgotting all thinks but when i off the FB account then all those pains are in front of my eyes thats why i decided to use FB daily and decided that all pains should not show on my face in front of mother and father. on that days mom dad discovered that something happened to me but i never told them. just whole day time pass with friends did masti commenting on fb and passing my days. During that days met MH and we became a friends on fb. 

we passed 2 or 3 days just by comment chat. but then starting to continued inbox chatting with him. I liked it so much when MH likes my all post. whenever I opened to FB account and saw the all notifications named of MH and my heart became a very happy. my all other friends tease through inbox and comment that who is this MH, what the relationship with him, hmm..? tell me who is this that always likes your all posts. something must between both of you tell us. and i just answered them that nothing we are just friends.

After some day MH shared all about him and his family member in chatting. at that day i understood that his heart is so pure and he love so much to his family. he is emotional soft hearted with lovely nature. I liked to chat with him so much, Daily started internet, opened the facebook and waiting for him when he being online, My morning started daily when he was come online. I dont have his cell no so whenever he was not online then I told his friend in group by commenting that please tell Mh to being online and his friend called him and told him to being online, and when Mh being online I was being so happy and started to chat with him. Whenever something wrong told by me to others in commenting then Mh instantly messaged me in inbox and told me that you should not comment like that in public etc, I liked so much about this i feel like that he took care of me like he is mine. from that day I was fall in love with him but never told him coz i was scared of lost him. Once again i dont want to hurt myself, but his friend knew about me that i cant live without MH so he always tease me and tease to MH also. I never minded about it because it was fact that i really cant live without him,.

After some day on Mh's birthday, wished him demanded a party for b'day from Mh as fb friend. and he also ready for it. then i asked him to give his cell no. and told him that if i am free i call you so he gave me his cell no., i wanted to meet him but didnt because felt some uncomfortable to him first time. at evening i sent him a msg about b'day and he got know that i sent him a msg then he also saved my number. Don't know what kind of magic he has that whenever i started to talk with him never want to stop that. felt that i got a beautiful friend in my life and i can share my whole life with him but some kind of scared in heart also that how can i share all things with him as he was a stranger for me. 

After someday I knew that Mh wanted to make girl friend to my one friend Megna and i was come between them. I was so hurt at that day dont know why but it was fact. after that for some day i stopped to talk with Mh and didnt reply of his messages. One day he messaged me that why you avoid me? why you don't talk with me and dont give me reply..? why you don't message me? what happened.? I cant told him anything. and again started to talk with him as a friend.

In all days Masti, He also dont know when he fall in love with me. !! suddenly one day, during preparation of his cousin sister's marriage at night he messaged me lets do marriage. lol , I also gave him a positive reply instantly without thinking anything as i also love him so much then how can i avoid him..? So on that night we married each other on mobile by msg without seeing each other. nobody can believe that and never any body did that kind of marriage that we did. Its so romantic, I m so much happy on that day. after an hour suddenly i thought that is he doing joke with me..? Is he serious..? Why he suddenly married with me..? I love him so much that's true, but another true is that i never felt that he was also love me, then why he married me suddenly. ? I was in a big confusion. also afraid that what if Mh also hurt me and go away like my other friends in past because now my heart not able to bear it. then i decided that whatever happened, i till take a time to know and understand him better. 

I trust him a lot that he never hurt me, never break my heart because he is so emotional and he told me his sister's divorce(because his brother in low beat him and didn't love her.) story, at that day i understood that he never hurt me because he saw the pain of her sister so he never can give pain to others. coz of this trust i decided to know him better.

He always thinking that MP never send me message first always i am sending her a message, what's in her mind, why she avoid me. etc etc 

My MH never dumb to anyone, I felt that when he told me innocently that girls wish first on valentine's day. lol, at that time i understood that my Mh is so innocent, he knew how to love but he don't know how to show that love, he can feel love but afraid to express love. 

In fact 14th feb 2012 is our first valentine day. Mh never proposed me so on that i expected that he will propose me. till morning i was so happy and thinking that today first time MH propose me and waiting of his just one message, why don't i wait.? after all my hubby going to propose me first time. but my innocent hubby also waiting of my one message, he thought that girls proposes first. lol, Till evening i didnt get any one message from him, dont know why i felt that he dont love me,  if he love me then he propose me. i thought for a while that he playing with me. he is playing with my feelings. like everybody he is also go away after flirt with me. i am wrong to blind and mad for his love. he never loves me. 

At evening, gone outside with my friend to forget all. but dont know why i want to meet him at his office when we pass near his office. at that time i was so angry on him. when i saw him i wished that just fight with him so much, and ask him that whats in his mind. why he behave like this with me.? i entered in his office with full of angry mind, his friends already there. when he saw me at his office at that time i saw the lovely and sweet smile on his face. for this reason i forgot all things and give him a smile and just seat there for 5 minutes and then gone away. When i reached at home all things came back in my that night we fight so much in message. I m so angry because at that day as a wife i expected so much from him, as hubby he have to full fill my desires, but then i understood that he is so innocent, he was unknow of all this kind of things. so then my mind became calm after some time. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Tulsi Hamare Gaav ki

Tusli Hamare Gaav ki

Ek chota sa gaav tha, jis me kuch bhi nahi tha sivay ek chotisi school. Nahi pakke ghar the naahi hospitals, naahi pakki sadake. kuch bhi nhi tha. Isi chote se gaav me ek din ek ladaki ka janam hua, uska naam "Tulsi" rakha gaya. jab vo badi hui to school jane lagi. tabhi vaha bacche use chidane lage "tulsi hamare gaav ki tulsi hamare gaav ki" . vo jaha bhi jati thi vaha sabhi use ese hi chidate the. Ekdin vo bahut pareshan hui or usne ghar aake uski maa or papa se pucha sab bachhe muje ese kyu chidaate he..? me apne is naam se bahut hi pareshan ho chuki hu. uske maa or papa ne use bahut pyaar se samjaya or manaya lekin vo to kuch samjana hi nahi chahti thi, thodi der manaane ke baad uske maa papa thak gaye or uske papa ne bola jab tum badi ho jaaogi tab tum khud hi samaj jaaogi.

Tulsi padhaai me sab se aage thi. School me sabhi bachho ko usne piche hi chod diya tha. uske sabhi teachers bhi use yahi bolte the, "Tulsi hamare gaav ki", sabhi ko Tulsi pe bahut naaz tha pyar tha or badi ummide thi.

Ab yahi dekhna tha ki kya Tulsi un sabhi ummido pe khadi ho payegi..?? sach me kya vo gaav ka naam roshan kar payegi..? sachhi me kya vo is gaav ki tulsi kehlayegi??

Gaav bahut hi chota sa tha, vaha sabhi ki aaamdani bahut hi kam thi isliye koi apne bachhe ko jyada padha nahi sakte the. Aur is vajah se gaav me sabhi bachhe saatvi tak hi padhne ke baad apne apne maa baap ke kaam me hath bataane lagte the. lekin Tulsi ke papa ne Tulsi ke liye kuch or hi sapna sajaye rakhe the. Vo apni beti ko bahut hi padha na chahte the. Vo sachhi me sab ke muh se ye sunna chahte the "Tulsi hamare gaav ki". Tulsi ke papa ne soch liye ki vo Tulsi ko bahut hi aage tak padhayenge taki Tulsi apna or apne gaav ka naam roshan kar sake. Sabhi gaav valo ko uspe naaz ho.

Ek din Tulsi ke papa uske school gaye, Vaha master ko ap ne dil ki saari baat batayi. Master ki bhi ichha thi ki Tulsi bahut aage tak padhe kyuki Tulsi bahut hu hoshiyaar thi. Isliye un sab ne milke socha ki ye baat gaav ke sarpanch ko bataye or kese bhi karke Tulsi ko aage badhaaye. Tulsi ke papa or School ke sab teachers Sarpanch ke ghar pahuche or sari baate bataayi.Sarpanch ko bhi baaat sahi lagi kyuki gaav ki unnati ka bhi saval tha. Vo bhi chahte the ki uske gaav ki tarakki ho.

Ek din sarpanch ne gaav me panchaayat bulaayi or sab ko ekathha kiya or kaha ki hamare gaav ke bhale ke liye or gaav ki tarakki ke liye kuch socha he. ham sabhi Tulsi ko bahut hi padhana chahte he lekin uski aamdaani bahut hi kam he to ham sab ne ye socha he ki aap mese jo bhi use aage dekhna chahata he vo apne se ho sake utna yogdaan de taaaki ham Tulsi ko padha sake or aage badha sake taki vo badi hokar apne gaav ki tarakki ke liye kuch kar sake. 

sabhi gaav valo ko sarpanch ki baat sahi lagi, sabhi ne milke bola ki aapki baat sahi he Tulsi hamare gaav ki beti he ham sabhi use aage badhane me pura sath denge. Uske baad jisase jitna ho sakta tha utna yogdan dene ki koshish ki, isse Tulsi ke papa ko badi rahat hui. Usne Tulsi ko Shaher le jaake padhaane ki sochi. Ek achhi si school me uska admission karvaya aur uske rehne ki vyavastha bhi karvaai. Tulsi padhai me pehle se hi bahut aage thi vese hi vo shaher ake or aage badhti gai. shaher ki school me ab to sabhi teachers ko bhi yahi lagta tha ki Tulsi sachhi me hamare school ka naam bhi roshan kregi. Ek din Principal ne Tulsi ko bulaya or usase uske gaav or ghar ke bare me puch taach ki. uske baad principal ko malum hua ki ye Tulsi ek chotese gaav se aai he aur uske ghar ki gaav ki halat bahut hi naajuk he aur isi vajah se usne fir Tulsi ki madad karne ki sochi.

tulsi hamare gaav ki

Ek din school me annual day ka function tha. Shaher ke sabhi bade bade logo ko vaha bulaya gaya tha, school ke trustee bhi vaha the. Isi function me Tulsi ko best student of the year ka award mila uski vajah se vo aur uske papa bahut hi khush the. Baad me mauka milte hi Tulsi ke principal ne stage pe jaake Tulsi ke baare me baat ki aur sath hi Tulsi ke parivar ki or gaav ke bare me bhi baat ki. Ye sari baate sunane ke baad trustee ne socha ki Tusli se ek baar baat kare. Usne stage pe Tulsi ko bulaya or aur pucha ki vo kya chahti he..?? Trustee use puri tarah se madad krna chahte the. Thodi der sochne ke baad Tulsi ne sabhi ke samne apne dil ki baaat or apni choti si khwaaish rakhi. Tulsi chahti thi ki uske gaav ka sabhi bachha padh likh ke aage badhe or shaan se ek achhi jindagi ji sake. vaha bethe sabhi ki aakho me asu aa gaye ek choti si bachhi ke itne achhe or nek vicharo ko dekh ke sabhi ka man pigal gaya.

Thodi der baad trustee us gaav ke sabhi bachho ko bina kisi bhi tarah ke paise liye muft me apni school me padhaane ka aadesh diya aur sath hi un sabhi bachho ka jo bhi kharcha hoga vo sabhi trustee khud hi bhar denge. ye dekhkar sabhi upasthit logo ka dil pighla or un sabhi ne us gaav ki puri tarah se sahayata krne ki koshish ki.

Aaj Tulsi ke karan uske gaav ki tarakki hui. uske gaav me bijali aai, school bana, hospital bani, achhi sadake bani, sabhi ko rehne ke liye pakke ghar mile, sab kuch Tulsi ke karan hua.

Aaj bhi gaav ke sabhi log bade pyaar se bade maan ke sath kahate he "Tulsi hamare gaav ki". Aur ab to Tulsi ko bhi is baat se badi khushi milti he vo ab pareshan nahi hoti thi.

Dekha Tulsi ne sachhi me sabhi ki ashaao ko jine ki nayi raah dikhaai he, sabhi ko sapne dekhne ki or use pura karne sachi mishaal di he. Sahi me Tulsi uske gaav ki hokar hi rahi. Sachhi me Tulsi ne uske gaav ka naam roshan kiya. Aaj sabhi ke dilo me Tulsi ke liye pyar aur bhi badh gaya aur isme sabhi ka pura sahyog tha isi vajah se ye tarakki us gaav ko mili is baat ki khushi bhi sab ko hui.

Is kahani ko padhne ke baad jo bhi vichaar aap ke man me aate he aap unhe hamare sath share kare. Aur aapko ye kahani kesi lagi vo bhi batana mat bhuliyega. hame intejaar rahega.. :)

Mp's life story

Mp’s Life story

A girl lives in Bhavnagar. Mp is cute girl, so much naughty but with pure heart. All friends called her “height cum fight jyada”. She has very good confidence. She can do anything with full confidence. She has white spot on her eyes but never minded it. She always believes in talent. That’s why she is so powerful. She is family loving person, she loves her parents so much and she loves so much to her brother. She can’t live without her brother.
Mp is very emotional and pure hearted person. She makes trust on anybody easily. That’s why she got so much betrayal from her friends.  She suffers so much while studying. When Mp was in College for BCA she called DON as because she is so much naughty and all are so afraid of her. Mp doing lots of masti with her friends but never hurt anybody. At the last year of BCA she got best friend called Kriti. They are best friend, they share all things each others. But kriti is So bad girls but still Mp became friend of her to enjoy her life because at that time she has no friends. Kriti always use Mp for her works but Mp never mind I don’t know why..? She got in so much trouble due to this bad kriti but till Mp not leaving her don’t know why..?  They both are going out site with kritis BF and MP always got trouble for that but till next day they both are going again. I can’t explain What happened with Mp so many times just one thing I will tell you that There was some kind of little bit Mp’s fault for that.

mp's life story

Then Mp gone to Amreli to studying for MBA. She lives in girls hostel and studying in leua patel girls college. She got a new room mates and college mates there but when comes in Bhavnagar to meet family kriti always with her.. very bad girl she is, I don’t know Why I cant meet Mp before this bad firl, huh. She came back in Bhavnagar after completed her MBA. Now she is free and going outside with her bhavnagari besty bad girl kriti. Mp uses facebook when she is at home and when she is free. So many friends in boys in her friend list. They called her “darling”, “my sweethert”, “mona darling” etc, huh. Till she never say no to them and enjoying that huh.. I just hate that. On 29 september 2011 in morning 10 am she started her facebook and saw the friend requests named yogesh patel, she thought for a while that who is he, ..? do accept or not..? etc for a while.. Then finally she accepted that friend request of yogesh patel which was sent by me, I m yogesh patel, at 10.15 am at that day. After that day we becoming best friend. We help each other. And on my birthday she asking my mobile no and I gave her and then we started to talk by mobile msg and call. Then as we become more and more best friend we shared our past life and present life with full details to each other. She told me so many thing what happened to her by her friends and mostly by that bad girl kriti etc but not all. then I strongly recommended to Mp to leave that bad girl. Then slowly slowly she starting to ignore her. I don’t Mp like or not like but she started to ignore her. Then I make so many changes when we fall in love to her life forcefully she likes or not I don’t know, but these was very important for her so I made this changes and I think now she also believe it. We fall in love without seeing each other face to face. Very strong love from both. We just love each other and believed that our mrg cant possible because we are not from same cast so we kept our love only on mobile at that time but future is uncertain, we don’t knew that our love become so strong that we cant live without each other and we trying to marry. One day she got job in bba college near her home and she was very happy for that.
We are talking by msgs as usual by mobile when I was preparing Shaadi mandap for my cousin sister’s marriage. I told her to about that marriage and told her that our marriage is not possible so we can marriage by mobile msg, she think that I was doing joke but did marriage by mobile by sending her ring in mobile at 12 pm on 16 jan 2012. Then we starting to believe that we are married but Mp still thinks that I m not love her so much I m doing just time pass with her. Once she gone at AKOLA for camp from college with students, at that time she cant contact me due to some work or some network problem, at that time I sent her so many msg and so many calls for her and take tens for her then she believes that I really loves her then she became serious about our marriage and love. Then we continuously talk with each other and fight for little things.  Ohh sorry sorry I forgot to tell you that when we meet face to face first time. After doing marriage on 16 jan 2012, there was my new shops opening on 30 jan 2012, I told her about that at night of 29th jan. she told me that if possible can we meet at morning when you go for opening at shiv temple near her college. I told her that sure if I have time I definitely come there, Then at the morning when I m going for opening I called her that where are you.? She told me I m at temple waiting for you, So gone there and saw she is waiting for me at doorsteps of temple for me. I going in side of temple and we both see each other first time and then we pray to lord shiva. This was just our first meet with duration of only 5 mins. Then second time we meet at valantines day at 14th feb 2012 at 7 pm in my office. She came there for met me. Then she often coming to office to meet me and once we gone to amreli for take her results copy and once we gone ahmedabad for seo for our websites.

Then we talked our family about this and ask them for marriage, but till not happening it.. lol. Will see what happens next we talking fighting solving, that going our life…………………………………………….. J

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bablu the superman

Bablu the Super man

This is the story I tried to write myself about Bablu the Superman. A town with rich people, Bablu lives there with his family. Bablu has a power of like superman. He can fly; he can beat easily to anyone. He is one kind of superman because when Bablu was in his mother’s womb before he born, his mother loves to watch movies like superman, Hancock, Spiderman, x-man, Krishh. She just loved to watch this movies, she stored nothing in her computer except this movies. Whenever she is free, just starting her computer and start to watch her favorite movie, when she was pregnant she always watched these movies continuously day night. for this reason when she admit to hospital for delivery and when bablu was born the electricity was gone and suddenly start heavy rain with full wind.  This was some kind of storm in city. But this was just for 5 minutes. As Bablu starting to his first smile after born the all wind become calm, storm was stopped and electricity also came back. This is starting of Bablu the superman’s life story.
Now Bablu’s normal life started and he starting to going school. In school he was always stay alone. Nobody was his friend because all are afraid of him for his power. He don’t misuse of his power, just use when he need or to help people who are helpless and mostly for fun to show others like magic to do complete his work fastly.  He was always favorite student of his teachers and principle. He was so clever in study. Always comes first in exams. Some bad student always jealous from him and they were done lots of try to fail Bablu in exam but Bablu’s luck always with him. Bablu’s memory power is 10times high then normal man. He can read 100times faster than others; he can remember anything faster than others. Not just mentally but physically also he was strong then others. Also he can run fast 10times more than others. All works he can do fast. He is with full confidence, from school to job everywhere his mates or co-workers is always jealous of Bablu’s power and always they trying to beat him.

danger bird

One day in the evening, in the middle of the town are people going their home from office. All are very happy. Suddenly some danger noise comes from sky. People took a look at sky and trying to see what is there but nothing they find. Noise stop. People walk again to home and suddenly danger noise started again. People afraid and looking to sky and trying to find there what is going there, trying to find what kind of this noise. Bablu also going home with his girlfriend and they also shocked for this kind of voice come from sky. Nobody knows what is this. Then after sometime there was a danger weird big birds flying in sky in one strait line.  They are so big birds and one by one they pick up people and fly away.  So many people gone away and many are injured because people are running to the street without seeing anything to hidden themselves from that weird birds. Police force also come there and trying to save people but birds are not control by them, birds attacks on police force also. Bablu’s girlfriend ask Bablu to help her and tell him to save all people by his power if he can. Bablu also agree immediately and trying to help all people. He just fly on sky and trying to save people who was picked up by birds. Birds are very danger so for a while Bablu cant save some people and then Bablu focus his power and get to store more power in him. Then again he fly on sky and now the action hero is able to fight with that big bang birds. Now Bablu Saving many people from that birds and one by one killed many of them birds. All Birds attack only on Bablu now and Bablu also fight with them. Now Bablu use his Superman power to save himself and save others. After long fight with that birds Bablu success to kill them all and saved all people. All are very proud of him and than Bablu becomes a Hero of the town.  After that Bablu always save the town whenever it needs help. Ohh, not only town but also he help to save world people who really in big trouble.

This is my story of Bablu the superman. I hope you like this. Thank you for reading. Take care. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Chintu's Life Story

Chintu’s Story

Chintu aged 10years is live with his mother and younger brother in small village, His father is dead in accident. His mother is confused now that what to do and from where have to get money for his family etc. this boys uncle and daadi is not supporting them. So they decided move another town. They go to Surat and set there, his mother working in some house as made and earn some money and this boy and his younger brother studying. This boy cant watching his mother working in others house as made, so he stop to study after 10th, and starting to working in factory. His mother forced him so much to study further but a boy don’t want to study he just want to earn money for his family.

chintu's life story

As he started to working in factory he earning as much as they need. This boy is becoming more and more strong minded, he is being so much angry on his mother and brother in little thing. One day his brother make some little mistake so chintu started to beat him so much his brother bagging to leave him but chintu beat him more and more. Then neighbors starting to coming and asking him to stop this silly thing then chintu stop and gone away outside of home. Days going so far and younger brother also become elder now and he also stop to study. He also started to working in factory and start to earn. Now both are earning good for family as their need.

Now turn to chintu’s marriage with clever and rich girl. Girl with very good nature and she proof a lucky girl for this family. Chintu starting new business and his luck with him, his business going high and high and he starting to earn so much, now he has new house, new bikes for him and for his brother. His brother also join chintu’s business and both they are starting to earn so much. now this family is become rich and their business becoming more and more strong and powerfull.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Yogi's Life Story

Yogi's Life story. :)

A boy live in bhavnagar with a very clever mind, innocent calm and good nature. He is studied 12th commerce in Bhavnagar. He is from middle class family, so he had not enough money to study what he want to study about like MBA or MCA as he like English and computer so much, that’s why he ignore his study and started focusing in business of diamond. He Started his college in commerce but never go to college as his most interest in business and want to make more and more money. He is crazy about money coz he and his family facing many trouble in his life coz lack of money. He just wanted to make money not anything else. So he took admission in college but never go to college for study but went to diamond market for earn money.
Started to go diamond market and meet some relatives and seat in their office for learning about diamond, in diamond market there are many ways to earn money like manufacturing of single double fancy cutting or broking of rough or readymade diamond. This boy want to make more and more money not little so he don’t like to do broking of rough or ready made diamond. So he took interest in direct manufacturing in with lots of trouble. No any day is happy day for him. He never tired for any kind of trouble. He always be happy what he got trouble.
1 year completed to learning and make position in market and here exam comes in college, he gave exam and all papers are gone good, but unfortunately due to disappearing presents in college he had been fail in 3 subject so he cant give atkt exam, then he finally decided to leave study. At home mom and dad and sisters not ready for it but he don’t want any excuse. So finally he dropped his study and concentrate only on diamond business,
One more think that is also very bad luck guy in business or money field, success never wanted come to him. After dropped study he regularly going diamond market for learn and earn more money but not success. 1 more year gone and all pockets had been empty, now he has no money. Then he decided to work in diamond factory as labor at infront of Fatima convent high school at jagatnaka. He learn from his friend hot to work there for a month and then he stated to work as worker and starting to earn about 5000 p/m. 1.5 years he worked there and then after saving some money he leave that factory and again starting to going diamond market to fulfill his dream to make lots of money with manufacturing. In this year he started good and started to earn good money. Then gave a good bye to his bicycle and he purchage hero Honda splender, the first and last thing he bought with his own money, after that he till not take anything. He continue to earn there for 1.5 years, then suddenly very big recession came in diamond market and all sheths are worried about this recession and many factories and offices of diamond shut down, This boy also shuts down his diamond business and started to invest in share market as at that time share market going on very high. So invest his all money in share market about 2.5 lakhs which he earned from diamond and saved. Then he again empty. He always go to share market office there in nirmalnagar and always think that why not he also open this kind of office because at that time share market office is very demanded all public came there and make and lost money but broker (share market office owner) earn so much money. He decided to open share office but he has no money so he met his friend in diamond market and talked with him about this office as he is rich man and also have a good knowledge of share market, then they both decided to start this office and then proceed to take franchise of share market office of BPwealth, He started office and in starting the office has a very good demand and whole office full with people and this boy has no time for second till market close. He continues seating in front of computer and traded for people with as much as possible high speed for 3 years from 9am to 3.30 pm. This is the share market time. And after 3.30 pm he surf internet and trying to learn about computer and English as he like this most. One day he got idea that how this all internet web owners earn and how to make websites etc., from that day he started to surf about how to make website and how to make money through website, then one day coz of surfing of internet about this he got article that how internet works and how this all are earn on internet with website and he find google adsense. Then he started to learn how to make money with adsense, all going but he didn’t know how to make website, he just know that given right click and click on page source we can find html source for website, then he learned html himself and make simple website. Then he met his clients son who was studding in BCA so he has a web knowledge, so this boy met him and tell him that he want to make website of free sms sending and classified ad posting and want to make money with google adsense, so that boy give him a domain name and hosting and tell little bit info how to host website. Then that boy started to make website of sms sending and done 50% completed but suddenly he completed his bca here in Bhavnagar and then he gone ahmdabad for MCA, site uncompleted and little bit backup this boy got trouble that now how he complete this whole website etc. then he decided to make both website himself. Then he started to learn from google that how to make website and how to send sms from website etc, first he didn’t know about database but he learn himself about MySql and database and how it works in live website for show and save data. Then he complete this both website but very simple as he don’t know much about css and php language. The starting year was very good for them, they earned a lot like 35000 p/m.  but he did mistake again and invest his all money in share market and again share market came low and all money he lost. Then in share market office people are less to come there due to recession and then they don’t earn as much, just about 8000p/m. In last year he earned just rs. 5000 and less . so he again decided to shut down this partnership and close this office.  At the end of the last year of share market office he started chat in facebook,  Now he learned so many thing in computer and English himself.  

yogi's life story

After close share market office he was workless. He had no any job and also couldn’t get job coz he has no degree.  So whole day he was at home and thinking of what to do now. No any support, so he continue to learn php at home on internet. In that day he become friend with one girl on facebook who lives in Bhavnagar.  He aslo made mbl jar dictionary himself for his mbl and then he decided to do web development But no any support so he think that how to get work of website then he gone to surat for searching business, but not success, he return after 20 days at near diwali. After diwali he decided to open computer and web office in Bhavnagar with his jiju due to so many pressure and tourcharing. Here his friendship becomes more stronger with that girl and they fall in love with each other and on the day of this boy’s cousin sister marriage they married on mobile, this is worlds first mbl marriage without seeing each other. Their love become more and more strong. At the opening of this office they met in morning at shiv temple. This is the first time this boy met to his wife till that day they didn’t see each other. Then they meet on valantines day for 5 min, and then after some month meeting going continuesly and their love become more and more powerful. Boy is not earning so much. He started to focus his websites of classifieds,  after 1 year they decided to talk about their marriage to their parants because both cant live without each other.., A girl giving a very strong support to this boy so this girl is everything for this boy,  the boy talked to his family  and all are ready but at girls home no body ready they are waiting when this boy become success , at this day the boy and girls family still waiting when he become success, when his life’s all tension go, when he live wealthy life, when he married to his girl..? still all are waiting………………………………………………………. Will see what happens further.  J