Friday, July 19, 2013

Mp's life story

Mp’s Life story

A girl lives in Bhavnagar. Mp is cute girl, so much naughty but with pure heart. All friends called her “height cum fight jyada”. She has very good confidence. She can do anything with full confidence. She has white spot on her eyes but never minded it. She always believes in talent. That’s why she is so powerful. She is family loving person, she loves her parents so much and she loves so much to her brother. She can’t live without her brother.
Mp is very emotional and pure hearted person. She makes trust on anybody easily. That’s why she got so much betrayal from her friends.  She suffers so much while studying. When Mp was in College for BCA she called DON as because she is so much naughty and all are so afraid of her. Mp doing lots of masti with her friends but never hurt anybody. At the last year of BCA she got best friend called Kriti. They are best friend, they share all things each others. But kriti is So bad girls but still Mp became friend of her to enjoy her life because at that time she has no friends. Kriti always use Mp for her works but Mp never mind I don’t know why..? She got in so much trouble due to this bad kriti but till Mp not leaving her don’t know why..?  They both are going out site with kritis BF and MP always got trouble for that but till next day they both are going again. I can’t explain What happened with Mp so many times just one thing I will tell you that There was some kind of little bit Mp’s fault for that.

mp's life story

Then Mp gone to Amreli to studying for MBA. She lives in girls hostel and studying in leua patel girls college. She got a new room mates and college mates there but when comes in Bhavnagar to meet family kriti always with her.. very bad girl she is, I don’t know Why I cant meet Mp before this bad firl, huh. She came back in Bhavnagar after completed her MBA. Now she is free and going outside with her bhavnagari besty bad girl kriti. Mp uses facebook when she is at home and when she is free. So many friends in boys in her friend list. They called her “darling”, “my sweethert”, “mona darling” etc, huh. Till she never say no to them and enjoying that huh.. I just hate that. On 29 september 2011 in morning 10 am she started her facebook and saw the friend requests named yogesh patel, she thought for a while that who is he, ..? do accept or not..? etc for a while.. Then finally she accepted that friend request of yogesh patel which was sent by me, I m yogesh patel, at 10.15 am at that day. After that day we becoming best friend. We help each other. And on my birthday she asking my mobile no and I gave her and then we started to talk by mobile msg and call. Then as we become more and more best friend we shared our past life and present life with full details to each other. She told me so many thing what happened to her by her friends and mostly by that bad girl kriti etc but not all. then I strongly recommended to Mp to leave that bad girl. Then slowly slowly she starting to ignore her. I don’t Mp like or not like but she started to ignore her. Then I make so many changes when we fall in love to her life forcefully she likes or not I don’t know, but these was very important for her so I made this changes and I think now she also believe it. We fall in love without seeing each other face to face. Very strong love from both. We just love each other and believed that our mrg cant possible because we are not from same cast so we kept our love only on mobile at that time but future is uncertain, we don’t knew that our love become so strong that we cant live without each other and we trying to marry. One day she got job in bba college near her home and she was very happy for that.
We are talking by msgs as usual by mobile when I was preparing Shaadi mandap for my cousin sister’s marriage. I told her to about that marriage and told her that our marriage is not possible so we can marriage by mobile msg, she think that I was doing joke but did marriage by mobile by sending her ring in mobile at 12 pm on 16 jan 2012. Then we starting to believe that we are married but Mp still thinks that I m not love her so much I m doing just time pass with her. Once she gone at AKOLA for camp from college with students, at that time she cant contact me due to some work or some network problem, at that time I sent her so many msg and so many calls for her and take tens for her then she believes that I really loves her then she became serious about our marriage and love. Then we continuously talk with each other and fight for little things.  Ohh sorry sorry I forgot to tell you that when we meet face to face first time. After doing marriage on 16 jan 2012, there was my new shops opening on 30 jan 2012, I told her about that at night of 29th jan. she told me that if possible can we meet at morning when you go for opening at shiv temple near her college. I told her that sure if I have time I definitely come there, Then at the morning when I m going for opening I called her that where are you.? She told me I m at temple waiting for you, So gone there and saw she is waiting for me at doorsteps of temple for me. I going in side of temple and we both see each other first time and then we pray to lord shiva. This was just our first meet with duration of only 5 mins. Then second time we meet at valantines day at 14th feb 2012 at 7 pm in my office. She came there for met me. Then she often coming to office to meet me and once we gone to amreli for take her results copy and once we gone ahmedabad for seo for our websites.

Then we talked our family about this and ask them for marriage, but till not happening it.. lol. Will see what happens next we talking fighting solving, that going our life…………………………………………….. J