Monday, July 15, 2013

Chintu's Life Story

Chintu’s Story

Chintu aged 10years is live with his mother and younger brother in small village, His father is dead in accident. His mother is confused now that what to do and from where have to get money for his family etc. this boys uncle and daadi is not supporting them. So they decided move another town. They go to Surat and set there, his mother working in some house as made and earn some money and this boy and his younger brother studying. This boy cant watching his mother working in others house as made, so he stop to study after 10th, and starting to working in factory. His mother forced him so much to study further but a boy don’t want to study he just want to earn money for his family.

chintu's life story

As he started to working in factory he earning as much as they need. This boy is becoming more and more strong minded, he is being so much angry on his mother and brother in little thing. One day his brother make some little mistake so chintu started to beat him so much his brother bagging to leave him but chintu beat him more and more. Then neighbors starting to coming and asking him to stop this silly thing then chintu stop and gone away outside of home. Days going so far and younger brother also become elder now and he also stop to study. He also started to working in factory and start to earn. Now both are earning good for family as their need.

Now turn to chintu’s marriage with clever and rich girl. Girl with very good nature and she proof a lucky girl for this family. Chintu starting new business and his luck with him, his business going high and high and he starting to earn so much, now he has new house, new bikes for him and for his brother. His brother also join chintu’s business and both they are starting to earn so much. now this family is become rich and their business becoming more and more strong and powerfull.