Friday, July 26, 2013

Story of Meet, Part 1

Story of Meet…. (part 1)

One day 5.30 pm, as usual train ready to go for Mumbai at Railway station. This train is running between this city to Mumbai. Trail starting to go ahead to Mumbai. Chuk chuk chuk chuk with this kind of voice of its engine. Slowly slowly the train getting speed. All passengers quickly going in to train and getting their seats. Some passengers are at door of the room, Suddenly all people who stand on door of no. 5 hear a voice like “stop, stop the train, stop please, please somebody stop the train etc”, One boy stands at the beginning of the door and he hear that voice and looking at that direction from where that voice is coming. Suddenly he sees a beautiful girls running to catch the train to enter in no.5 to go for Mumbai. This boy shouts her come on hurry up hurry up,, fast. Come on take my hand, come on. Boy trying to help her by giving his hand to the girl so she can catch the train. After some effort and running fast finally that girl took hold his hand and go in the train.

meet story part while in train

In the train that girls stands for while quietly and she breaths fast like train. After some time when she feels better, she smile and speak,
Girl: Hi, Thank you so much.
Boy: Its ok, Want some water..?
Girl: No thanks, I have.  Btw my name is Meet, What is your name?
Boy:  I m Raaj, Where are you going?
Girl: of course Mumbai for studying in Medical College.
Boy: great I m also Going there for Medical College.
This girl is very innocent, pure hearted, much talker, beautiful, clever in study. She talks whole night till the train reached at Mumbai and a boy just smiling and giving answer her.
At morning 8.30 am Train reached  Mumbai and stop at borrivali station, Meet and Raaj both come out of the station and Raaj asking to girl: Where exactly you going..?
Girl: Minaar street, You?
Boy: I am also going there, wow great another coincidence. Superb dear. I think our friendship going to live long. Lol
Girl: Yes right. Hey come lets going in one taxi, what you say?
Boy: Of course, why not?
This boy is very handsome tall smart with good nature. He is such a very nice person. They both can freely make trust on each other, both are very Good person. That’s why they are like to go their Street in Mumbai with each other. Both are from one city is good for them in unknown city Mumbai.
Finally they reached at Minaar Street. They took their luggage and start to walk for going ahead in the street and finding their room.   After walking some distance Girl found her room before the boy and show her room to raaj and saying thanks and telling him if he wants to come at her room to rest for while, Raaj replied : No thanks, We will meet later my Room also should just after 2 or 3 rooms.  girl tell him to come with him for help him to find the room. Boy tell her that don’t worry I will find, you go to the room and take some rest. Then Meet gives him her mobile number and asks his mobile number. Raaj give her a number and walk away to find his room, after 3 rooms from Meet’s room he finds his room. He going inside the room and put bags and sleep on bed. Here Meet also sleep on bed because both are so much tired during long journey.
Now from next day they start their life in Mumbai with study of medical. This part of the story ends here, to read more about this story kindly go to the part 2.