Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bablu the superman

Bablu the Super man

This is the story I tried to write myself about Bablu the Superman. A town with rich people, Bablu lives there with his family. Bablu has a power of like superman. He can fly; he can beat easily to anyone. He is one kind of superman because when Bablu was in his mother’s womb before he born, his mother loves to watch movies like superman, Hancock, Spiderman, x-man, Krishh. She just loved to watch this movies, she stored nothing in her computer except this movies. Whenever she is free, just starting her computer and start to watch her favorite movie, when she was pregnant she always watched these movies continuously day night. for this reason when she admit to hospital for delivery and when bablu was born the electricity was gone and suddenly start heavy rain with full wind.  This was some kind of storm in city. But this was just for 5 minutes. As Bablu starting to his first smile after born the all wind become calm, storm was stopped and electricity also came back. This is starting of Bablu the superman’s life story.
Now Bablu’s normal life started and he starting to going school. In school he was always stay alone. Nobody was his friend because all are afraid of him for his power. He don’t misuse of his power, just use when he need or to help people who are helpless and mostly for fun to show others like magic to do complete his work fastly.  He was always favorite student of his teachers and principle. He was so clever in study. Always comes first in exams. Some bad student always jealous from him and they were done lots of try to fail Bablu in exam but Bablu’s luck always with him. Bablu’s memory power is 10times high then normal man. He can read 100times faster than others; he can remember anything faster than others. Not just mentally but physically also he was strong then others. Also he can run fast 10times more than others. All works he can do fast. He is with full confidence, from school to job everywhere his mates or co-workers is always jealous of Bablu’s power and always they trying to beat him.

danger bird

One day in the evening, in the middle of the town are people going their home from office. All are very happy. Suddenly some danger noise comes from sky. People took a look at sky and trying to see what is there but nothing they find. Noise stop. People walk again to home and suddenly danger noise started again. People afraid and looking to sky and trying to find there what is going there, trying to find what kind of this noise. Bablu also going home with his girlfriend and they also shocked for this kind of voice come from sky. Nobody knows what is this. Then after sometime there was a danger weird big birds flying in sky in one strait line.  They are so big birds and one by one they pick up people and fly away.  So many people gone away and many are injured because people are running to the street without seeing anything to hidden themselves from that weird birds. Police force also come there and trying to save people but birds are not control by them, birds attacks on police force also. Bablu’s girlfriend ask Bablu to help her and tell him to save all people by his power if he can. Bablu also agree immediately and trying to help all people. He just fly on sky and trying to save people who was picked up by birds. Birds are very danger so for a while Bablu cant save some people and then Bablu focus his power and get to store more power in him. Then again he fly on sky and now the action hero is able to fight with that big bang birds. Now Bablu Saving many people from that birds and one by one killed many of them birds. All Birds attack only on Bablu now and Bablu also fight with them. Now Bablu use his Superman power to save himself and save others. After long fight with that birds Bablu success to kill them all and saved all people. All are very proud of him and than Bablu becomes a Hero of the town.  After that Bablu always save the town whenever it needs help. Ohh, not only town but also he help to save world people who really in big trouble.

This is my story of Bablu the superman. I hope you like this. Thank you for reading. Take care.