Monday, July 22, 2013

Mh's life story part 2

In part one i told about both of us, but now in part 2 i telling about my hubby Mr. MH,

Mh is so Innocent, pure heart, good nature, handsome and lovely, its less whatever i told about him. Sometimes he asking questions so innocently and I have to think that what answer should i give him., lol. but now its being habit of his questions.  whenever he feels jealousy for me i like it so much because at that time i can see on his face on his body that he loves me a lot. he likes blue color so much and he love the vada paav. he is crazy for spicy food. I feel so secure whenever with him.

vada paav

I never forgot Amreli and Ahmedabad in my life, That 2 days I am with him for whole day without any fear. I feel that i got whole happiness of this world whenever with him. He always told me that he cant speak so much with others but whenever he is with me he dont give me chance to speak. he always win in our silly fight. but that is true that our most fight because of me because I am not telling him reason about my aggrieved. hahahaha

He can't study after 12th coz of some personal reason but till he has a lot computer talent without any degree or course, but we both don't know how to use it. he has a lot of confidence but in his mind some kind of fear that he has not confidence that's why he cant speak with others. he is so emotional, so he cant do bad to others because he always think about others emotion and pain and every body use his this nature.

Now i understand him so much so now i can understand the whole tale what he want to tell me if he do not complete it. and I am so happy for that. He always see big dreams and he always keep me with him in his dreams that is I like to so much. at that time I can imagine that he cant think for a second without me. I always pray to god that all his dreams come true, All he can get what he want in his life, may god bless him and he always be happy. Mh can do what he want i noticed it so many times that's why i trust him that he can full fill his all dreams, and always will take care of his family.

He like to eat all dishes so much which is made from paav, and idali, dhosa also. he also like to wear branded clothes. he always take care of me so nicely and always supporting me. He is my life which i dont want to share with any others.

I dont like about him one thing that from some day he started to think negative. whenever something wrong happened to him he always blame on himself and always feel guilty him self for that. i dont like it. and also dont like when he is not treat what i tell him.

He take so much tension in little silly things, I feel that he take my all tension and giving me just love a lot. I like all things about him but one special is that whenever we fight then i go to his office and when he so me and he smile me so sweetly that is i like so much and i want to see that smile on his face for whole life. He is GURU of sex, and he has so much interest in sex  and i always afraid of it that what will happened after marriage, hahahaha because i dont have interest in sex as many as he has. Just Joking,,, :) :P :P

whenever he gone outside alone at that time I feel that he is so far away from me, so now i cant bear little distance. Some time afraid that i cant live without him so what happened next..? perhaps our love may always enlarge not decrease. He told me so many times he want to go out of country after marriage at that time i m so afraid that can i go to far to leave my family. 

Now i have to stop to write about him, but last i want to tell that he is looking so nice when he wear a gogals with shaved face. 

:) :)