Friday, July 12, 2013

Yogi's Life Story

Yogi's Life story. :)

A boy live in bhavnagar with a very clever mind, innocent calm and good nature. He is studied 12th commerce in Bhavnagar. He is from middle class family, so he had not enough money to study what he want to study about like MBA or MCA as he like English and computer so much, that’s why he ignore his study and started focusing in business of diamond. He Started his college in commerce but never go to college as his most interest in business and want to make more and more money. He is crazy about money coz he and his family facing many trouble in his life coz lack of money. He just wanted to make money not anything else. So he took admission in college but never go to college for study but went to diamond market for earn money.
Started to go diamond market and meet some relatives and seat in their office for learning about diamond, in diamond market there are many ways to earn money like manufacturing of single double fancy cutting or broking of rough or readymade diamond. This boy want to make more and more money not little so he don’t like to do broking of rough or ready made diamond. So he took interest in direct manufacturing in with lots of trouble. No any day is happy day for him. He never tired for any kind of trouble. He always be happy what he got trouble.
1 year completed to learning and make position in market and here exam comes in college, he gave exam and all papers are gone good, but unfortunately due to disappearing presents in college he had been fail in 3 subject so he cant give atkt exam, then he finally decided to leave study. At home mom and dad and sisters not ready for it but he don’t want any excuse. So finally he dropped his study and concentrate only on diamond business,
One more think that is also very bad luck guy in business or money field, success never wanted come to him. After dropped study he regularly going diamond market for learn and earn more money but not success. 1 more year gone and all pockets had been empty, now he has no money. Then he decided to work in diamond factory as labor at infront of Fatima convent high school at jagatnaka. He learn from his friend hot to work there for a month and then he stated to work as worker and starting to earn about 5000 p/m. 1.5 years he worked there and then after saving some money he leave that factory and again starting to going diamond market to fulfill his dream to make lots of money with manufacturing. In this year he started good and started to earn good money. Then gave a good bye to his bicycle and he purchage hero Honda splender, the first and last thing he bought with his own money, after that he till not take anything. He continue to earn there for 1.5 years, then suddenly very big recession came in diamond market and all sheths are worried about this recession and many factories and offices of diamond shut down, This boy also shuts down his diamond business and started to invest in share market as at that time share market going on very high. So invest his all money in share market about 2.5 lakhs which he earned from diamond and saved. Then he again empty. He always go to share market office there in nirmalnagar and always think that why not he also open this kind of office because at that time share market office is very demanded all public came there and make and lost money but broker (share market office owner) earn so much money. He decided to open share office but he has no money so he met his friend in diamond market and talked with him about this office as he is rich man and also have a good knowledge of share market, then they both decided to start this office and then proceed to take franchise of share market office of BPwealth, He started office and in starting the office has a very good demand and whole office full with people and this boy has no time for second till market close. He continues seating in front of computer and traded for people with as much as possible high speed for 3 years from 9am to 3.30 pm. This is the share market time. And after 3.30 pm he surf internet and trying to learn about computer and English as he like this most. One day he got idea that how this all internet web owners earn and how to make websites etc., from that day he started to surf about how to make website and how to make money through website, then one day coz of surfing of internet about this he got article that how internet works and how this all are earn on internet with website and he find google adsense. Then he started to learn how to make money with adsense, all going but he didn’t know how to make website, he just know that given right click and click on page source we can find html source for website, then he learned html himself and make simple website. Then he met his clients son who was studding in BCA so he has a web knowledge, so this boy met him and tell him that he want to make website of free sms sending and classified ad posting and want to make money with google adsense, so that boy give him a domain name and hosting and tell little bit info how to host website. Then that boy started to make website of sms sending and done 50% completed but suddenly he completed his bca here in Bhavnagar and then he gone ahmdabad for MCA, site uncompleted and little bit backup this boy got trouble that now how he complete this whole website etc. then he decided to make both website himself. Then he started to learn from google that how to make website and how to send sms from website etc, first he didn’t know about database but he learn himself about MySql and database and how it works in live website for show and save data. Then he complete this both website but very simple as he don’t know much about css and php language. The starting year was very good for them, they earned a lot like 35000 p/m.  but he did mistake again and invest his all money in share market and again share market came low and all money he lost. Then in share market office people are less to come there due to recession and then they don’t earn as much, just about 8000p/m. In last year he earned just rs. 5000 and less . so he again decided to shut down this partnership and close this office.  At the end of the last year of share market office he started chat in facebook,  Now he learned so many thing in computer and English himself.  

yogi's life story

After close share market office he was workless. He had no any job and also couldn’t get job coz he has no degree.  So whole day he was at home and thinking of what to do now. No any support, so he continue to learn php at home on internet. In that day he become friend with one girl on facebook who lives in Bhavnagar.  He aslo made mbl jar dictionary himself for his mbl and then he decided to do web development But no any support so he think that how to get work of website then he gone to surat for searching business, but not success, he return after 20 days at near diwali. After diwali he decided to open computer and web office in Bhavnagar with his jiju due to so many pressure and tourcharing. Here his friendship becomes more stronger with that girl and they fall in love with each other and on the day of this boy’s cousin sister marriage they married on mobile, this is worlds first mbl marriage without seeing each other. Their love become more and more strong. At the opening of this office they met in morning at shiv temple. This is the first time this boy met to his wife till that day they didn’t see each other. Then they meet on valantines day for 5 min, and then after some month meeting going continuesly and their love become more and more powerful. Boy is not earning so much. He started to focus his websites of classifieds,  after 1 year they decided to talk about their marriage to their parants because both cant live without each other.., A girl giving a very strong support to this boy so this girl is everything for this boy,  the boy talked to his family  and all are ready but at girls home no body ready they are waiting when this boy become success , at this day the boy and girls family still waiting when he become success, when his life’s all tension go, when he live wealthy life, when he married to his girl..? still all are waiting………………………………………………………. Will see what happens further.  J