Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mh's Life Story part 1

My name is MP. Today I m going to tell you story about me and my jaan MH. 

MH, my life, my jaan, What I tell about MH..?!!! Less for me whatever I tell about him. I am starting from that I am living today just for him, yes that's the true. Got a beautiful collaboration of him which I never want to loose also never want to think to go away from him, now just only one hope that my entire life and my death both are want to with him.

We Met on facebook, 29th September 2012 on morning I opened my FB account, after some time i got a friend request from him, Shahid Kapoor's photos as his profile pic such a wonderful pic, I accepted his friend request instantly without checking any kind of details about him.

Truth is that, that those days are my most bad days in my life, I was gone away from my life, want to forgot all my heart pain of my life, Always my all friends gave me betrayal dont know why but that's the truth of my life. Whenever i trusted on someone I always got betrayal from them, coz of these kind of trouble and another some pains, I was so upset and want to lost my life to forgot all this. But from when i stated to use FB i think forgotting all thinks but when i off the FB account then all those pains are in front of my eyes thats why i decided to use FB daily and decided that all pains should not show on my face in front of mother and father. on that days mom dad discovered that something happened to me but i never told them. just whole day time pass with friends did masti commenting on fb and passing my days. During that days met MH and we became a friends on fb. 

we passed 2 or 3 days just by comment chat. but then starting to continued inbox chatting with him. I liked it so much when MH likes my all post. whenever I opened to FB account and saw the all notifications named of MH and my heart became a very happy. my all other friends tease through inbox and comment that who is this MH, what the relationship with him, hmm..? tell me who is this that always likes your all posts. something must between both of you tell us. and i just answered them that nothing we are just friends.

After some day MH shared all about him and his family member in chatting. at that day i understood that his heart is so pure and he love so much to his family. he is emotional soft hearted with lovely nature. I liked to chat with him so much, Daily started internet, opened the facebook and waiting for him when he being online, My morning started daily when he was come online. I dont have his cell no so whenever he was not online then I told his friend in group by commenting that please tell Mh to being online and his friend called him and told him to being online, and when Mh being online I was being so happy and started to chat with him. Whenever something wrong told by me to others in commenting then Mh instantly messaged me in inbox and told me that you should not comment like that in public etc, I liked so much about this i feel like that he took care of me like he is mine. from that day I was fall in love with him but never told him coz i was scared of lost him. Once again i dont want to hurt myself, but his friend knew about me that i cant live without MH so he always tease me and tease to MH also. I never minded about it because it was fact that i really cant live without him,.

After some day on Mh's birthday, wished him demanded a party for b'day from Mh as fb friend. and he also ready for it. then i asked him to give his cell no. and told him that if i am free i call you so he gave me his cell no., i wanted to meet him but didnt because felt some uncomfortable to him first time. at evening i sent him a msg about b'day and he got know that i sent him a msg then he also saved my number. Don't know what kind of magic he has that whenever i started to talk with him never want to stop that. felt that i got a beautiful friend in my life and i can share my whole life with him but some kind of scared in heart also that how can i share all things with him as he was a stranger for me. 

After someday I knew that Mh wanted to make girl friend to my one friend Megna and i was come between them. I was so hurt at that day dont know why but it was fact. after that for some day i stopped to talk with Mh and didnt reply of his messages. One day he messaged me that why you avoid me? why you don't talk with me and dont give me reply..? why you don't message me? what happened.? I cant told him anything. and again started to talk with him as a friend.

In all days Masti, He also dont know when he fall in love with me. !! suddenly one day, during preparation of his cousin sister's marriage at night he messaged me lets do marriage. lol , I also gave him a positive reply instantly without thinking anything as i also love him so much then how can i avoid him..? So on that night we married each other on mobile by msg without seeing each other. nobody can believe that and never any body did that kind of marriage that we did. Its so romantic, I m so much happy on that day. after an hour suddenly i thought that is he doing joke with me..? Is he serious..? Why he suddenly married with me..? I love him so much that's true, but another true is that i never felt that he was also love me, then why he married me suddenly. ? I was in a big confusion. also afraid that what if Mh also hurt me and go away like my other friends in past because now my heart not able to bear it. then i decided that whatever happened, i till take a time to know and understand him better. 

I trust him a lot that he never hurt me, never break my heart because he is so emotional and he told me his sister's divorce(because his brother in low beat him and didn't love her.) story, at that day i understood that he never hurt me because he saw the pain of her sister so he never can give pain to others. coz of this trust i decided to know him better.

He always thinking that MP never send me message first always i am sending her a message, what's in her mind, why she avoid me. etc etc 

My MH never dumb to anyone, I felt that when he told me innocently that girls wish first on valentine's day. lol, at that time i understood that my Mh is so innocent, he knew how to love but he don't know how to show that love, he can feel love but afraid to express love. 

In fact 14th feb 2012 is our first valentine day. Mh never proposed me so on that i expected that he will propose me. till morning i was so happy and thinking that today first time MH propose me and waiting of his just one message, why don't i wait.? after all my hubby going to propose me first time. but my innocent hubby also waiting of my one message, he thought that girls proposes first. lol, Till evening i didnt get any one message from him, dont know why i felt that he dont love me,  if he love me then he propose me. i thought for a while that he playing with me. he is playing with my feelings. like everybody he is also go away after flirt with me. i am wrong to blind and mad for his love. he never loves me. 

At evening, gone outside with my friend to forget all. but dont know why i want to meet him at his office when we pass near his office. at that time i was so angry on him. when i saw him i wished that just fight with him so much, and ask him that whats in his mind. why he behave like this with me.? i entered in his office with full of angry mind, his friends already there. when he saw me at his office at that time i saw the lovely and sweet smile on his face. for this reason i forgot all things and give him a smile and just seat there for 5 minutes and then gone away. When i reached at home all things came back in my that night we fight so much in message. I m so angry because at that day as a wife i expected so much from him, as hubby he have to full fill my desires, but then i understood that he is so innocent, he was unknow of all this kind of things. so then my mind became calm after some time.