Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Part of My Life (stock market office)

Part of My Life

I started my stock market office in 2008. Actually before those days at that time I was in diamond market and doing a buy sell of rough diamonds. At that time stock market going so far, SENSEX makes daily new high. My friend had a stock account in IBULL securities. He involved in this business from many years. I didn't know how to do that business and always asked him to teach me how to trade there etc so he guided me. Then I also started to buy stocks slowly slowly and sell if there was a profit in it. There was a so many offices of stock market in diamond market. I opened my stock account in one of the best office of them and starting to going there daily in market time and doing a buy sell of stocks. In rest time i was see the operator that how he traded of stocks in computer and trying to learn that. from the starting I have a lot of interest in computer but i didn't complete my study so i couldn't learn computer. I know to operate computer a little bit as how to start and shut down and how to mail in yahoo, nothing more. So i daily gone that office and see what the operator do and trying to learn my self. Then one day I met my that friend and ask him what should i do if i want to open that kind of stock market office..? He replied that don't know in details but i think have to take franchise of good big stock market office. He asked me that why are you asking me.? So I replied him that I want to open stock market office but don't know about stocks in detail so i asked you so he also interested in it and i felt that he also have interest to open that kind of office. 

stock market

After some day he met me and told me that my relative had main franchise of our city if you would like to meet him. then i replied him that ok I will but would you like to be my partner in this office..? then he replied me that i will give you answer tomorrow. Next day he met me and told me that he is ready to my partner in this office and asked me that do you know computer.? I replied him with full of confidence that yes i know very how to operate computer, lol. (Actually i didn't know hahhaahaha) but don't know about stock market then he calmly replied that don't worry about it i will handle it. So finally we decided to open office in partnership and then we started to find good office location and and then met his relative to know full detail about to opening this office. his relative gave me a form to fill up for franchise and told us that attach the id proof and address proof copy of which name you want to take the franchise office. So My friend told me that I want to open this office for my brother so we take this franchise with his name and give the all proofs with his name, then i replied ok no problem. Then we took franchise and booked one office on rent and bought one computer and TV and some chairs for seat. now have to see about operating a computer, I didn't know to operating computer i just told him that i know, hahahhaaha. and that was about to trade in stock market, that's definitely i didn't know. Then we decided on which date we start our office. and we decided 14th jan 2008 as opening date of our office. We have 5 client for trading on opening day. only one traded on opening day from them. I saw in that trading software there were no difficult to trade. after some day I traded speedy as master trader, I got superb speed. Whenever I trade all are looking to my hand. After that I learnt lot of my self about computer by surfing internet everyday. After one month our office fulled fill with clients for trading there. We have a golden days at that time. I was not being free at market time for a second. Must i have to do that because my partner (my friend's brother) don't know anything about computer and stock market. He can't give single answer of phone calls so that is also i had to do. He just gone to banks and main office for cheques and new forms. After 2 years I really irritate from him because till he don't know anything. then i bored at that office and now clients also not coming there, they came just for enjoying and watching TV. huh, Whenever it was Cricket match they all come there and watching Tv and change the Channels them self and I just hate that. then i decided to quit that office. and we close that office.