Thursday, August 1, 2013

Story of Meet, Part 3

Story of Meet (Part 3)

Now we starting the 3rd part of Story of Meet. 
Meet, Raaj and Priya became best friends now. They enjoy their life in Mumbai and college. Have all time lots of fun daily in college campus. Sometimes fights, sometimes fun, sometimes helps to others, sometimes participate in college function. They are rocking student of college. During this time Meet and Priya both fall in love with Raaj but both of them can't tell him. 

Meet loves Raaj

One day Meet and Raaj coming to home from college in Bus as regular. There is so much traffic in Bus. Whole bus full filled with people mostly with boys. There are just a few girls in bus. Meet is looking nice so 3 bad boys’ looks at her. Meet seeing that they are looking to her and smiles to her. Meet turns her face away from them and started to talk with Raaj. After some time she again see at that side, that bad boys still watching at her and smiling and trying to come near her. After one stop some passengers go out from bus and there are some space in bus so that bad boys comes near Meet and standing just behind her. One of them touches Meet's hand and second touch Meet's abdomen from behind. Meet see at them with angry face. They starting to tease now then Raaj suddenly turn behind and see that some bad boys teasing Meet. Raat tells that bad boys to stop that. But they tease more and more instead of stop. Then Raaj comes between them and Meet goes front side of Raaj. Then they bad boys also want to go front of Raaj to tease Meet, but Raaj stops them so they start to fight with Raaj, and now Raaj becomes so angry because they tease his best friend Meet so Raaj start to beat them. Now Meet heartily feels so much secured with Raaj. One by one Raaj beats all and then he ask to stop bus and get rid of them from bus. During the fight Raaj injured and Meet can't see that. Meet having so much tens for Raaj and asking to go to Doctor so Raaj and Meet going to doctor. Meet taking so much care of Raaj then they coming to home and Meet come at Raaj's room to take care of him with him. Then Raaj tells her to go her room and take some rest but Meet not ready to go. She just want to stay there with him. Now meet making something to eat for Raaj with lots of fun. When she is making food in kitchen and when she suddenly turn back she afraid because Raaj standing exact behind her. So she just shy and tell him that why you stand here like this. Raaj hold her hands and with very cutely and emotionally watching in her eyes and telling that “Will you marry me?” Meet shocked for a while, she can’t understand what to give answer to him. After some quiet she replied so sweetly with beautiful smile “Yes”.
Raaj becomes so happy and hug her full tightly. He can’t explain his happiness to her. Same with Meet, She also become so much happy, She already fall in love with him before so many times but she can’t tell him, and today she is not expected this from Raaj because she also didn’t know that Raaj also loves her before so many times but he also can’t say her. Then Raaj tells Meet,
Do you know? From so many days I love you a lot. I can’t live without you but couldn’t tell you till now, but today you cared me so nicely then I can’t control myself and felt that you are perfect for me, you always care me a lot like today so I can’t control and proposed you.
Meet : wow, You know, even I also love you so much from our first day in college. But I also couldn’t tell you. Today I wanted to tell you when we was in hospital but couldn’t tell you. Today when you fight with those bad boys I feel so much secure with you. I felt like someone of mine fighting for me. I love you so much dear.
Raaj hug her and tell: I love you too so much.

This is the starting of Raaj and Meet’s love story and ending of our 3rd part. More in part 4. Thank you for reading J