Monday, August 5, 2013

Story of Meet, Part 6

Story of Meet, Part 6

One day Raaj not comes at college, Meet and Priya both are seating in campus. They talking about Raaj, in the talking priya says that she loves Raaj so much. She can't live without him. Meet seeing her with amazement. Meet doesn't understand what she is telling. Meet can't tell priya that she also love him and raaj also love me. She just listening and after some time she just leaving that place and going to home. She is so much confused that what to do now. She called to Raaj: 
Meet: priya told me that she is in love with you.  
Raaj: what? are you serious or doing joke?
Meet: I am damn serious idiot.
Raaj: one minute let me talk with her. 
Meet: ok,
then Raaj calling to Priya and ask her that is she loves him? Priya doesn't understand that why Raaj suddenly asking this question? She has no dare to tell Raaj that yes I am., So she saying that no dear, who told you that I am in love with you.? 
Raaj : Meet told me that you love me a lot. 
Priya: oh, no no. that was a joke part. I am just kidding with her. 
Raaj: are you sure?
Priya: yes dear. 
then Raaj calling back to Meet and telling her that priya was kidding with you.
Meet: I can't believe. I saw loves for your in her eyes. that's a true love. She loves you a lot, I can easily read her eyes. 
Raaj: no dear, She told me just before a minute that she was kidding with you, believe me she is not love me.
After some debate, Meet accept knowingly that whatever leave it now. 
Meet comes home and laying at bed. She has no any idea what to do now. She just thinking about priya's tell. Today night she can't take dinner and she can't sleep well. Now this is very serious matter for her and for her love Raaj. 
Next day morning Raaj comes at her room and she ring the door bell. After so many time Meet comes and open the door. Raaj asked her: What you doing? why you open door so late?
Meet: I was sleeping. 
Raaj: what! are sleeping yet? don't you want to come college?
Meet: No, I don't want to come college. 
Raaj : Why? what happened? Are you ok?
Meet: yes, I am ok, but i don't want to come, feeling some laziness. 
Raaj : ok, So I also don't go to college without you. 
Meet: why.? you must go to college. 
Raaj: no way. You just sleep on bed and today I will take care of you. 
Meet: No, thanks. I can. You just go dear. 
Raaj: no way.. Today I am not going to college its final. 
Meet: look dear. I want to stay alone today, you please go to college. 
Raaj: what? do you want to stay alone? 
Meet: yes.
Raaj: What? ok(he become so sad)

sad raaj leaving room

Now Raaj going to out side with sad face. Meet sees that he leaves with angry face. Meet hold his hand and stop him to walk. Raaj turns with angry look. Meet smiles at him and say sorry and she hugs him tightly. Meet telling him to stay with her at home. Raaj smile and says ok.. This day Raaj and Meet does lot of enjoy at Meet's room. Raaj doing some funny things, funny dance to make Meet happy. after some time Raaj phone ringing but his phone on vibrate mode so he can't pick up phone. Priya trying to call Raaj and Then she try to call Meet's phone but Meet's phone also in vibrate mode so Meet also can't pick up call. Priya doing lots of try but both of them doesn't pick up the call as they are in their happiness. Here Priya worrying about them why they are not yet came to college and why they not picked up call also. She can't bear that and start her car and going fast to Meet and Raaj's street. First room is Meet's room in the street so priya stop the car as she see the half opened door of Meet's room. She come out from car and reach at door. She seeing that Raaj and Meet doing lots of fun with each other and they hugs and kisses and doing some little romance. Priya stops there and just seeing continuously and she just doesn't understand what's the happening there. She doesn't tell them and she return to her home. Now she knew that why Meet suddenly walked away whey she share about Raaj with her. Now Priya knew that Raaj and Meet loves so much each other. Priya can't stop her tear from her eyes. she just laying down on bed in her room and locked door inside. At evening her mother knock the door to call priya for dinner but she doesn't want to take dinner. She just crying crying and lots of crying and sleeps as it is. Next Day morning she finalize that this is the last year of college so just concentrate in study, she promise her self that she never let know to Raaj that she really loves him, she decided to stay with him as best friend. she getting ready fast and going to the college and Raaj and Meet also there. Now Priya just trying to hide her love for Raaj. They enjoying as best friends together. 

This is the part 6 of Meet's story. read more on part 7.. :)