Thursday, August 1, 2013

Story of Meet, Part 5

Story of Meet (Part 5)

5th part of the Story of Meet
As Priya gone from Raaj’s house, Meet angry on Raaj and asks him that what was that? Why she hugged you? Why? Raaj tells her that how can I tell you even I am also shocked. I also don’t know why she hugged me. I think as friend she cant see me in this injury that’s why as a friend she hugged me. What you think?
Meet: I don’t know, I just know that I didn’t like that. Now I can’t bear that some girl hug you or touch you, be careful from now.
Raaj: don’t worry dear, I never hurt you, she is our friend and from now I will not touch her, ok?
Meet: ok,
Raaj hug her and tell: hmm now please smile for me J
Meet smiles and hug him tightly. Now Raaj tells her to go home but she still want to stay with him and can’t leave him alone. Then Raaj tells her forcefully and tell her that it’s not good to stay here for long time as all neighbors are outside. Then Meet going to her room. In her Room she continuously thinking about Priya that why she hug him, here Priya also reached at her home and she lying in her bed and she thinking about Meet that how she knows about Raaj’s kitchen. But this is just for a moment then they both are thinking about Raaj. Just see Raaj by closing their eyes. Here Raaj thinking about Meet. He sees Meet by closing eyes.  All they are thinking about their love.  But in real Priya till not know about Raaj and Meet, so she continues to love Raaj.  

Love triangle between Raaj, Meet and Priya

Next day morning, Raaj sleeping as he has some pains his hand. Meet thinks that why Raaj is not till came to go for college even it’s 10 o’clock. Then she called him but Raaj now responding so she came at his home. Here Raaj sleeps and suddenly door bell rings. Raaj awake and open the door with weakness. Meet come inside and ask Raaj why he is still sleeping? Then Raaj tells that he is not feeling well. Meet worrying about him and she makes hot tea for him and ask him to go to doctor, but Raaj doesn’t want to go to doctor because its not much illness. After drunk tea made by Meet, he hugs her and tell her that wow what a magic in your hand dear, I am completely fine now.
Meet: are you sure?
Raaj: yes 100% J
Meet: then go to bathroom and get ready in 5 min because we already late.
Raaj: of course J
Raaj gone bathroom for take bath, at that time Meet select pant and shirt of her choice for Raaj. Raaj come out and see the one pair of clothes ready to wear on bed. He is being so happy. And now they are ready to go to college. As they reached at college, Priya already waits for them in canteen. They take some snakes and decided to go watch movie because today is no needed lecture so. They are going to watch movie in Priya’s car. Raaj seat in front seat beside of Priya, Priya is driving the car and Meet seats in rear side. Raaj and Priya talking so much so Meet doesn’t speak anything because she so jealous now. Then they go in the theater and booked 3 tickets. Raaj seats between Meet and Priya. Priya still talking with Raaj continuously and here Meet trying to speak with Raaj but Priya doesn’t give her a chance to speak her. Today Meet again become so angry on Raaj and tell him why he so much talking to her not with me? Raaj tells her that what I do if she starting to speak with me how can I ignore her as she is our best friend. Meet doing soft fight today with Raaj and Raaj trying to convince her. But next day all is fine because they love each other so much, J
Here is the end of Part 5. Read more in 6th part. J